Happy Holidays from all of us here at FlexiBake! We understand the holiday season can be a busy time for the bakery business not to mention our own personal lives, that is why we encourage you to take some time to yourself and relax with your loved ones.

Once January is here, it’s time to start thinking automation and ERP! Here’s our top 4 reasons to implement an ERP system in January:

1. New year, new goals

January is a time for fresh starts and new beginnings. People have personal goals and resolutions they begin to plan; organizations also have new business goals they put in place based on analysis from the previous year. Most business goals rely on data from proper analytics and processes, which can be hard to get without an ERP system, that’s why the number one goal this year should be to implement an ERP!

2. Fresh budget for an ERP Implementation

The new year brings new budgets based on goals and projects the company wants to focus on during the year. The best time to allocate software/IT budget is at the beginning of the new year, where the company can see an almost immediate return on the investment.

3. The team is rejuvenated

After the holidays most of the team won’t be planning any more vacations or have as many distractions. They are often rejuvenated from time away and the prospect of a new year with new goals and resolutions. As a company, you can keep that momentum moving by undertaking exciting and game changing projects like an ERP implementation.

4. Get implemented before summer

Between vacations, school holidays, and wedding season, summer time in the baking industry is hectic! By starting your 60 Day Guaranteed ERP implementation in January, you will be fully switched over and feeling comfortable with your new systems by mid-spring. With the automation, organization, and analytics an ERP provides, you can experience summer like never before – feeling prepared.

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