60-day Implementation Guarantee

60-day Implementation Guarantee - Flexibake

We’re the experts at ERP implementations, and because we’re confident in our process we've has created a 60-day Implementation Guarantee. We know that we’re the right team to help your ERP implementation project go smoothly and efficiently.

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Please visit our Free 30 Day Trial Page to download the full FlexiBake ERP for 30 days. If you would like to request a demonstration of the software from one of our Product Consultants, please visit our Request a Demonstration Page.

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Experience = Results

We’ve been in the ERP software game for a long time, and the experience we've gained has enabled us to develop very efficient and user-friendly training processes for our food manufacturing and bakery customers. These processes enable us to provide diverse training, from webinars to classroom sessions to videos, so you can train anywhere and when it suits you.

We Love Feedback

Feedback from the hundreds of food manufacturing companies and bakeries that we have implemented over the years, has allowed us to develop an incredibly smooth and comprehensive implementation process. One that is guaranteed to increase your customer satisfaction and most importantly, a quick return on your ERP software investment.Learn more.

A Personalized Plan for Your Business

After getting to know you and your team, one of our Implementation Specialists will determine how the process will work best and help you organize the project. Our proven ERP implementation process is designed to maximize your time and prepare your business to use the software effectively.

Team work

Working as a team is a wonderful thing. Whether your business composes of two employees or twenty working on the project, we want to make sure your team is excited and involved in the process. We will assign task lists to your team in phases to ensure a smooth implementation. As they say, team work makes the dream work.

Full Details

We need your help! To guarantee your process is implemented in 60 days, customers, such as yourselves, import information from previous operations systems into FlexiBake. To do this, you will be asked to fill out data sheets provided. Please keep in mind, switching to an ERP software system is time consuming, hence why we need your help with the process.

Here’s a brief overview of our implementation process:

Just like a first date, the initial meeting can be a little daunting. Here at FlexiBake, we want to ensure your nerves are at ease…Our Implementation Team will sit down and meet with your team, reviewing the implementation process and answering any outstanding questions.

After the initial meeting, your team will establish which products in your current inventory will be added into FlexiBake for training purposes. From here, the training process will get underway.

Some of the data from your previous operations system is collected and imported into the FlexiBake database. Not too sure how to do this? Not to worry! There will be both private online training classes and webinar style classes to assist you.

Our team will help you get ready to test run and go live with the system but the rest is up to you. From here, you and your team have mastered the art of FlexiBake and are officially on-boarded. Still have questions? Our support team is happy to help!