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4 Reasons to Start an ERP Implementation in January

Happy Holidays from all of us here at FlexiBake! We understand the holiday season can be a busy time for the bakery business not to mention our own personal lives, that is why we encourage you to take some time to yourself and relax with your loved ones. Once January is here, it’s time to […]

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Why is FlexiBake the Best Bakery ERP Software?

Here at FlexiBake, we listen and provide the best bakery ERP software to help your business grow. We are passionate about our product and firmly believe that we make the lives of business owners easier and reduce stress in the food manufacturing industry. The bakery and food manufacturing world is complex, with many layers making […]

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5 Reasons You Need an On-site Implementation

On-site implementations are the best option for a business that’s looking to successfully implement a new ERP and get a quick return on investment. If you haven’t looked into on-site training for your new ERP system, here are the top 5 reasons we suggest purchasing an on-site implementation. You’ve never implemented an ERP system before […]

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Why Choose On-site Training?

We’ve had a lot of people start choosing our on-site training option, here’s why. With today’s distracted world of smart phones, watches, tablets, and other devices, the idea that your whole team would be alert and engaged during an online webinar may feel unrealistic. Having a trainer on-site, conducting training and interactive activities for 3-10 […]

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What a Smooth ERP Implementation Looks Like

Deciding on the right software for your bakery can be a big job. Between consultant meetings, software evaluations, demonstrations, requirement meetings, and reference checks, it is easy to place the actual ERP implementation part of the project on the back-burner. When you choose  FlexiBake, we already have proven implementation project plans ready for you. Here […]

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How to Get Staff to Care about Your Food Safety Plan

Getting a food safety plan in place can be a difficult task requiring many weeks of work and research. It can be even more challenging to implement the plan. Often the best safety programs fail because staff don’t care about the plan or they see it as nuisance. To ensure that your food safety plan […]

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