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New FDA Nutrition Facts Labels

The new FDA nutrition facts labels requirements have been finalized and it’s time to ensure that your labels comply. There have been some major changes to the nutrition facts labels, which can be tough to keep up with, so we’ve outlined a few below to get you started. Make sure to use the new tools […]

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Nutritional Food Labels, Why They Are Relevant

There is so much advice when it comes to making healthy food choices and undoubtedly the most common piece of advice you will hear is to read nutritional labels on food. Why are these labels, that flew under the radar for so long, suddenly so important? Why Consumers Need Nutritional labels Nutritional labels provide the […]

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Bakery Software: The Importance of Food Nutrition Labels

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Food nutrition labels are an important part of any food products packaging, as it informs you about the number of calories and nutrients contained in each serving portion. At FlexiBake, we understand the importance of food nutrition labels, and how they can help you follow a healthy diet, while also making it easier to choose […]

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