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This is the place to find FlexiBake blog posts and articles with bakery tips, tools, and best practices. We’ve been working with many different bakeries for years and have managed to pick up a lot of useful information we’d like to share. Read about software tools, training practices, latest news about government regulations, and much more!

EDI, what is it & why do you need it?

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is more than just a buzz word in the baking industry, it’s an extremely important tool. If you don’t take the time to learn about and understand it, you may be shooting yourself in the foot. Most contracts with larger customers are going to require EDI, which is why FlexiBake offers […]

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4 Reasons to Start an ERP Implementation in January

Happy Holidays from all of us here at FlexiBake! We understand the holiday season can be a busy time for the bakery business not to mention our own personal lives, that is why we encourage you to take some time to yourself and relax with your loved ones. Once January is here, it’s time to […]

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An Alternative to Spreadsheets?

Have you been looking for an alternative to spreadsheets when it comes to running your bakery business? Why not make the switch to an ERP software system? Here’s a scenario to help explain why making the switch to an ERP software system will be the best move you can make for your business. When most bakeries start, […]

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ERP VS Excel – the ultimate face off

In a competitive market when food manufactures are looking for ways to be more profitable, businesses are turning to the concept of using an ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning – software system. What is an ERP Software System and why does it matter? An Enterprise Resource Planning – or ERP – software is a type […]

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Bakery Software for Online Food Ordering

At FlexiBake, we understand how important your customers are to you. That is why we offer bakery software for online food ordering that allows your customers to place and update orders, as well as manage their own standing orders. Allowing your customers to view account history, reprint invoices, and look up detailed product data, including […]

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Why is FlexiBake the Best Bakery ERP Software?

Here at FlexiBake, we listen and provide the best bakery ERP software to help your business grow. We are passionate about our product and firmly believe that we make the lives of business owners easier and reduce stress in the food manufacturing industry. The bakery and food manufacturing world is complex, with many layers making […]

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What is the hype with Direct Store Delivery (DSD)?

In a time where more companies are looking for ways to be more efficient in an evolving market, businesses are turning to the concept of Direct Store Delivery (DSD). What is Direct Store Delivery? Our direct store delivery – or DSD – option is an easy-to-use app that allows your delivery drivers to manage their […]

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Optimizing Bakery Production Scheduling with Bakery Software

At FlexiBake, we understand how important proper production scheduling is to ensuring that your bakery is running at optimal efficiency. That is why we offer bakery software options for optimizing wholesale bakery production scheduling that can help reduce the time it takes to plan production, while also seamlessly linking your sales orders with your production […]

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Bakery Software: The Importance of Food Nutrition Labels

Categories: Food Labels

Food nutrition labels are an important part of any food products packaging, as it informs you about the number of calories and nutrients contained in each serving portion. At FlexiBake, we understand the importance of food nutrition labels, and how they can help you follow a healthy diet, while also making it easier to choose […]

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ERP Bakery Software: 5 Ways ERP Software Can Benefit Bakeries

Categories: ERP Software

No matter what size of bakery you own, it is important to try to obtain maximum productivity by ensuring minimal waste of resources and the best profit margin. At FlexiBake, we know that Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) bakery software is the perfect system to do this because it integrates each part of the manufacturing process […]

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