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This is the place to find FlexiBake blog posts and articles with bakery tips, tools, and best practices. We’ve been working with many different bakeries for years and have managed to pick up a lot of useful information we’d like to share. Read about software tools, training practices, latest news about government regulations, and much more!

Still Trying to do Food Recalls Using A Book?

We work with a lot of business and many of them struggle with rules and regulations regarding food safety and recalls. Many people still try to conduct “mock” or real recalls using their old, production books. There are numerous reason why this is a terrible idea, but here are our top five issues with recalls […]

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5 Reasons You Need an On-site Implementation

Flexibake‘s on-site implementations are the best option for a business that’s looking to successfully implement a new ERP and get a quick return on investment. If you haven’t looked into on-site training for your new ERP system, here are the top 5 reasons we suggest purchasing an on-site implementation. You’ve never implemented an ERP system […]

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Why Choose On-site Training?

At Flexibake, we have had a lot of people start choosing our on-site training option, here’s why. With today’s distracted world of smart phones, watches, tablets, and other devices, the idea that your whole team would be alert and engaged during an online webinar may feel unrealistic. Having a trainer on-site, conducting training and interactive […]

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4 Reasons to Stick with Your Accounting System

Categories: Accounting

FlexiBake integrates with most commercial accounting packages and we are constantly adding and updating more integrations. Over the years we have had many people ask why we don’t write our own accounting system, but we don’t believe it would be fair to our customers. If we offered an in-house accounting system, all our customers around […]

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Online Ordering Systems, 4 Reasons to Invest

If you haven’t already looked into an online ordering system, now is the time. Flexibake understands an online ordering portal is a plug-in to your ERP that will allow your customers to place their own orders and manage their own accounts using an intuitive, online customer facing interface. Your salespeople can focus on selling If your sales […]

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What you didn’t know about Cloud ERP

Categories: ERP Software

At Flexibake, we know to grow your business you need to take the most strategic approach. Today, that approach is to have technology at the forefront and Cloud ERP is leading the charge. So, what is Cloud ERP? It sounds like someone just tossed your information up in the air and it’s just sitting up […]

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4 Tools to Help Manage Bakery Inventory

Categories: Inventory

We made it through another crazy holiday season! Although for some of us – just barely. Properly managing raw material purchasing and your inventory at the bakery during rush times can be seriously overwhelming, especially without the right tools. If you were feeling overwhelmed with your bakery inventory during this holiday season, maybe it’s time to […]

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What a Smooth ERP Implementation Looks Like

Deciding on the right software for your bakery can be a big job. Between consultant meetings, software evaluations, demonstrations, requirement meetings, and reference checks, it is easy to place the actual ERP implementation part of the project on the back-burner. When you choose FlexiBake, we already have proven implementation project plans ready for you. Here […]

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How To Reach Your Business Goals In 2017

Categories: Bakery Tips

The New Year is approaching faster than ever, and at Flexibake, we know you’ve started putting together business goals for 2017. Putting goals in place is great, but planning to hit those goals is even better. A lot of businesses select goals they’d like to achieve for the new year but fail to do the necessary […]

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How to Get Staff to Care about Your Food Safety Plan

Getting a food safety plan in place can be a difficult task requiring many weeks of work and research. It can be even more challenging to implement the plan in your bakery. At Flexibake, we have found often the best food safety programs fail because staff don’t care about the plan or they see it […]

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