Lot Tracking with Warehouse Locations

Tracking with Warehouse Locations - Flexibake

Tracking raw materials and products between different warehouse and production locations can be difficult but is crucial to proper lot tracking and recalls. By using FlexiBake to manage inventory and production you can easily track lot numbers between all locations through the entire manufacturing, transferring, and shipping processes. Plus the product tracking function can instantly search the entire database and report recall or traceability data for any location.

Tracking raw materials & products

Raw materials and products can be transferred efficiently from one facility or warehouse to another using the inventory transfer tool. This allows the inventory to be labeled and shipped to all locations while being tracked through the system.

Shipping and receiving with multiple warehouse locations

You will have the ability to ship and receive raw materials to different locations, allowing easy updates when a shipment is redirected. Products can be shipped from any warehouse location, and orders can easily be updated to ship from a different location when inventory levels, weather restrictions, or other elements affect the initial shipping plan.

Production at multiple locations

FlexiBake also has the ability to track and schedule production at multiple facilities. This makes managing multiple warehouse and production facilities a breeze. The team across the country are able to use the same software and master users can be enabled to see the data across all locations.