What does an On-site Implementation look like?

FlexiBake Implementation Specialists run many on-site implementations every year, we’ve seen what it takes to make sure big ERP implementation projects go smoothly for everyone involved. Here’s an overview of what you can expect with an on-site implementation.

Before the on-site visit

Just like our two month implementation, there is some initial prep work to be done before beginning work in the FlexiBake software. We find that customer’s who begin training after they have the initial information imported into the database have a much easier time absorbing the training. In order to import raw material, products, customers, and suppliers into FlexiBake, customer complete the data collection sheets. At that point there are two options depending on the package purchased, either your coordinator will fly out and begin initial training and project planning with the team or this will be done virtually with online meetings.

During the on-site visit(s)

Once the system is completely set up and initial concept training has been completed, the implementation coordinator will come on-site and assist with final training. Depending on the package purchased and project plan, they will also normally be on-site for the GoLive date. During this time they can assist with questions and offer instant, personalized support.

After the on-site implementation

Customer’s who have used an on-site implementation are usually very familiar with the FlexiBake software after the on-site visit. Normally they have been able to GoLive during the visit and are comfortable using the system on a daily basis. Their implementation coordinator is also very familiar with their daily processes, assisting them with the plan for their future with FlexiBake.

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