What a Smooth ERP Implementation Looks Like

Deciding on the right software for your bakery can be a big job. Between consultant meetings, software evaluations, demonstrations, requirement meetings, and reference checks, it is easy to place the actual ERP implementation part of the project on the back-burner.

When you choose FlexiBake, we already have proven implementation project plans ready for you. Here are the steps you need to follow after you’ve decided on software.

Put together your team & Project (software) Champion

It’s important to have a team that’s dedicated to the ERP implementation project. You should always have one project manager and FlexiBake champion. This person will be the project leader and ensure all the others are accountable and meeting deadlines to stay on track for the target GoLive date. This project leader should also be the person who knows FlexiBake the best and can teach new hires or answer questions from other team members.

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Define goals with your FlexiBake ERP Implementation Coordinator

Having specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound goals is the only way an implementation will run smoothly and finish on time. Work with your FlexiBake ERP Implementation Coordinator to create and then work toward your goals.

Setting up import sheets & entering preliminary information

Import sheets allow users to easily and accurately create an initial database with which to work from. Your FlexiBake ERP Implementation Coordinator will walk you through filling these in. The time it takes you to collect your data and complete the import sheets will usually define whether your initial target GoLive date is achievable. The first steps after your initial import includes reviewing and ensuring the data imported includes all required fields. Any extra information that was not included in the import can be added at this time.

Begin online training

All FlexiBake ERP Implementation packages include access to our online training classes. One training course cycle runs for 2 weeks (10 days) with each day focusing on a new topic within the system. During each classes there may be up to 5 different companies present and question periods are offered periodically during the class. Each class is between 60-90 minutes and begins at 10 AM or 11 AM Pacific Time.

For those with on-site training

Some companies choose to include on-site training during their FlexiBake ERP Implementation. This is a great choice because it allows your ERP Implementation Coordinator to come on-site and have a more personal relationship with your team and other staff members who will be using the software. It also means the ERP Implementation Coordinator will have the chance to see the facility, spotting any oversights or additional functions the system could help with. Your ERP Implementation Coordinator will be onsite for 5-10 days and will normally be there for the GoLive date to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Testing Data

Before going live, all users should test their areas of specialization within the system to ensure the data is sound. This is also a great time to test knowledge and make sure everyone understands their role when using FlexiBake.

Parallel run

The last step is a 1-2 week parallel run where you will run FlexiBake and your current system side-by-side to make sure the numbers match. This is essential to ensuring a smooth ERP Implementation because it gives everyone a chance to make sure their sides are working flawlessly before completely switching over.

Go Live

GoLive is the final step, the step where all other systems are turned off and FlexiBake runs the facility alone. This is most exciting step because the ERP Implementation team gets to see all their hard work pay off! Your FlexiBake ERP Implementation Coordinator will be a phone call away (unless they are onsite at your facility) and ready to give you a hand at any point during the first couple of days.

Good luck with your ERP implementation and feel free to contact us here if you have any questions or comments.