At FlexiBake, we understand how important your customers are to you. That is why we offer bakery software for online food ordering that allows your customers to place and update orders, as well as manage their own standing orders. Allowing your customers to view account history, reprint invoices, and look up detailed product data, including nutritional information, provides them with a level of transparency they can trust.

Placing and Updating Wholesale Orders

With the help of our online bakery software, your customers will be able to place and update their own orders on the online portal, which will seamlessly interact with the bakery software’s order screen. Any information placed through the portal is updated in the bakery software instantly. This creates direct integration that provides instant updates for sales and production numbers, as well as the customer’s account history and product data.

Setting Customer Standards and Permissions

Our bakery software for online food ordering allows you to pick and choose which fields each customer has access to, such as account history, reprint invoice options, and detailed product data. With the use of this software, you can also specify cut-off times for order and set up alerts for customers for holiday hours, as well as choose from a menu that allows entry and changes to standing orders and sale returns.

Secure Online Login

Access to the online portal can be provided to customers using a simple URL or link on your website. This login area is completely secure and easy to use, which means that your customers can access the system and place orders at any time from their desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone, on any browser and on virtually all operating systems. Our bakery software also allows you to customize the look of the portal with your own logo and contact details, making it more cohesive with your website.

Mobile Sales and Distribution

Our online bakery software gives you the ability to have a single person login on behalf of multiple customers. This software also allows your own staff members to use the online ordering portal as a tool on the road to enter sales, change standing orders, look up new products, and show product pictures to potential customers. All of the information that is updated on the road will also be instantly updated in the bakery software.

If you would like to learn more about bakery software for online food ordering, or if you are interested in one of our solutions or services, please contact FlexiBake at 604-637-6528 or by filling our contact form on our website.