Our story

A long time ago, in a country far, far away… well, perhaps we are being dramatic. The year was 1994 and the place was South Africa. This is where our story starts.

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World Map with focus on beginning of FlexiBake

In the beginning

Brad Carney founded Afcom in 1994, after moving to Canada from South Africa.

Open Sign

Open for business

The company was incorporated in 1995.

First Version of FlexiBake ERP
star FlexiBill creation star

Creation of FlexiBill

Initially Afcom developed and marketed a billing application for Telco's and Internet Service Providers called FlexiBill, but the market crash in 2000-2001 and subsequent consolidation of those industries drastically diminished the market for FlexiBill.

star FlexiBake 1.0 is created star

FlexiBake 1.0 is born

While looking for a new vertical market, Brad was fortunate enough to be introduced to the food manufacturing industry and saw the potential for an easy to use costing and production application geared toward food manufacturing companies. In 2002 he developed and released the first version of FlexiBake.

FlexiBake ERP Software
Mandy Joins

And then there were two…

FlexiBake began to see some real growth and in 2004 Mandy joined the company to begin looking after accounts.

FlexiBake ERP Software
star FlexiBake Version 2.0 star

FlexiBake ERP is introduced

During the next few years Brad and his team set about developing FlexiBake Version 2, a full-featured ERP system which was ultimately released in December 2005.

FlexiBake ERP Sales Team

We have a sales team!

In 2006 FlexiBake hired the first members of the sales and account management team.

FlexiBake ERP Tech Team

Meet the tech team

FlexiBake had grown into a much larger system by this point and it started to require full time tech support agents to help and train the growing customer base.

star FlexiBake grows star

Full speed ahead

In 2010 and 2011 FlexiBake hit a growth spurt and more awesome people were added to the sales and account management team. You may already have dealt with some of them by telepone or email, and if you are ever at one of the trades shows we exhibit at we'd love you to drop by and meet them in person.

FlexiBake Logo
star FlexiBake incorporated star

FlexiBake Ltd. was incorporated

By 2012 FlexiBake accounted for the majority of the business conducted by Afcom and the decision was made to spin the FlexiBake software into its own corporation, FlexiBake Ltd.

star FlexiBake ERP expands with new features star

Now we’re flying

Over the next few years FlexiBake Ltd. continued to grow rapidly, adding new features and expanding its customer base – what a great ride!

Now We're Flying
In the Clouds

Up, up and away – We’re in the Clouds

In 2013 FlexiBake was one of the first in our niche to release a Cloud version, allowing users to work anywhere, any time, and on any device.

Our team keeps growing

Our team keeps growing

In 2014 FlexiBake created the training department, with training videos, tutorials, webinars, private classes and on-site training options.

Got pets?

In mid-2014 FlexiBake officially employs its first mascots – Bring your pet to work!

FlexiBake Staff Pets
star Customer Support Bakery ERP star

Caring for the customer

The support department shifted focus in 2015 from exclusively technical support to customer care by offering a new ticketing system, a support page online, online chat, and the customer support portal.

star FlexiBake Go-Live star

Go-Live now

In 2015 FlexiBake saw a major need for customers to have a structured implementation program to follow in order for faster, more effective implementations. Say hello to the Implementation team and the Bronze, Silver and Gold Smartstart programs.

FlexiBake Online Launches
star FlexiBake Release star

The grand release

2015 also saw the team complete development of, and officially release, FlexiBake’s latest offering, FlexiBakeOnline, the Online Ordering Portal. This addon allows for users to have their customers place orders directly into FlexiBake using an intuitive, browser based ordering portal.

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