How does FlexiBake work?

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does implementing FlexiBake bakery software in a business normally take?

On average, implementation of FlexiBake bakery software takes 6 weeks to 3 months. This depends entirely on the amount of resources and time allocated to the project.

What differentiates FlexiBake from other software in the ERP industry?

A major difference is that we concentrate solely on the Food Manufacturing Industry. Every feature in FlexiBake has been added based on feedback from our users, all of whom are bakeries or other food and beverage manufacturers. FlexiBake ERP bakery software does not force you to work with an unfamiliar accounting application as we support data import to virtually all commercial accounting software. We are the developers of the bakery software and own all the rights to it. We also do not outsource our support function.

What size company is FlexiBake designed for?

FlexiBake has been designed to fit start-up businesses up to mid-sized operations. We have different plans available to give our customers the opportunity to start small and add on functionality as their business grows.

Our customers range from mom and pop retails stores up to businesses generating well over $50 million in annual revenues. We have customers currently running more than 20 simultaneous users working in the bakery system and offer many options including costing, nutritional, live inventory, production, and much more.


What accounting software can I use with the Flexibake bakery software?

We export all Account Receivable data to the most common accounting programs including QuickBooks, Xero, Sage 50 and 300, Microsoft GP, MYOB along with others and simple .csv exports.

Does FlexiBake offer a POS Solution or integrate with a specific POS System?

At this time we do not offer a Point of Sales System, nor do we recommend one specific POS system to integrate with our system. Our suggestion would be to find the POS system that best works with your business, specify the information you’d like to interface with FlexiBake bakery software and then let us know what file format that POS system will allow you to export.

Does FlexiBake automatically backup the database?

On-Premise: Every customers systems and network regulations are different so we leave the process of backing up the database to your I.T. staff. We will gladly assist them in any questions or concerns they may have.

On-Cloud: Accounts include secure automatic daily and weekly data backups and offsite storage

Can any of my staff contact FlexiBake for support?

We provide support to all staff members to ensure your business stays operational. In situations where sensitive information is being requested, we will reach out to the main contact or owner of the bakery or business to discuss the request before providing the support.

How can my staff contact FlexiBake support?

What are your support hours of operation?

  • 6am – 6pm PST on weekdays (UTC – 8 hours)
  • Plus emergency, after-hours support in the evenings and on weekends

Is there emergency bakery software support outside the regular support hours?

After hours and weekend bakery software support is provided for emergencies

What are the hardware requirements for FlexiBake bakery software?

Please contact a representative at for a full overview of all our software hardware requirements.

What operating systems are compatible with FlexiBake software?

  • On the Cloud – Apple® MAC OSX, Microsoft® Windows XP+, Android & Apple® IOS.
  • On Premise – Microsoft® Windows XP+ including Windows server family 2003+

For more information, contact a representative at for our ERP system requirements guide.

Can I use FlexiBake on a mobile device like a tablet or smartphone?

The On the Cloud bakery software service can be used on any device that supports a citrix connection including Apple and Android mobile devices.

What is the preferred network connection type?

Minimum is a wired Ethernet Cat5e running at least 100Mbits (10/100). Preferred 1000Mbits (100/1000) especially when there is more than 5 users or in a high transaction volume installation.

Wireless networks are not recommended, nor supported.

What network configurations can FlexiBake operate on?

  • Peer-to-Peer: A network where all workstations are considered ‘equal’ and any workstation may function as both a ‘client’ and a ‘server’ to all other workstations on the network.
  • Client Server Network: A client-server network is a network where one workstation is configured as a stand-alone server and all other workstations are configured as client machines.
  • Remote Desktop Service: In Remote Desktop mode FlexiBake and the database are placed on the computer running terminal services. FlexiBake is then accessed by the remote client machines which can be either fully-fledged computers running any operating system that supports the terminal services protocol (this includes virtually all 32-bit windows systems, Windows Mobile and Apple’s Mac OS X), or bare-bones machine powerful enough to support terminal services.

What kind of database does FlexiBake use?

FlexiBake uses the portable and flexible Jet 4.0 database developed by Microsoft®.

Can I access the FlexiBake database using a third party program?

We allow a password protected read-only connection to the database for third party applications to utilize. This is disabled by default and will require assistance from FlexiBake software support to setup.

What reporting engine does FlexiBake use?

  • Crystal Reports 11
  • Version:
  • File Type: .rpt

Can I modify existing reports or design on my own?

Absolutely! All of our reports are available through the FlexiBake program files folder on the machine that host the FlexiBake database.

Note: The Crystal Reports application is not included in the purchase of FlexiBake. For more information or to purchase Crystal Reports visit

How does FlexiBake access my system?

  • On-Premise Setup: We use the reliable and secure remote connection application provided by
  • Cloud Setup: FlexiBake staff members can request to join your cloud session, also known as a shadow session.

What operating systems are compatible with Go Support Now?

We can connect to both Mac OSX and Windows XP through Windows 10.

Can FlexiBake staff connect to my systems any time they choose?

Absolutely not! Your bakery software system stays secure through requirements that both parties be present and initiate the connection together.

On Cloud customer are protected from unwanted access through accepting or denying shadow session request initiated by FlexiBake staff.

What is a Shadow Session?

Shadow session is a term used when a FlexiBake staff member is able to see a copy or mirror of your cloud connection screen.

Does FlexiBake manage computers passwords?

We do not set or manage any computer password on hardware that you own or lease. For issues with computer passwords we recommend you speak with your I.T. staff.

How can I reset my FlexiBake database password?

FlexiBake staff can reset bakery software database passwords back to default for you. Because of the nature of the request, they may have to contact the business owner prior to initializing the reset.

Contact the FlexiBake support staff at

How can I reset my Cloud session password?

Every Cloud subscription comes with one master account that contains a utility to reset account passwords and session states.

Alternatively you may also contact FlexiBake support to have the password reset. Because of the nature of the request, they may have to contact the business owner prior to initializing the reset.

Contact the FlexiBake support staff at

How much does FlexiBake cost?

FlexiBake is bakery software modular and its price is based on the modules and the number of simultaneous users (seats) required. We offer FlexiBake for both on-premise and Cloud based implementations. On-premise licenses are purchased up front and an annual maintenance fee is charged to cover support and updates, while the Cloud version is a simple monthly rental starting at $185/month that includes use of the software, support and updates.

Please contact a sales representative for a pricing quotation today:

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