Managing a company can be overwhelming, especially without the right tools. If your business is not ready for a full ERP system but you feel you could use some help, then Metrix Lite is the way to go! Metrix Lite is 100% Cloud-based to ensure you can safely store your data and access it from anywhere. Some of MetriX Lite’s key features are:

The Online Ordering Portal
As your bakery grows, keeping your operations simplified will become the key to successfully taking on such growth with ease. Being able to offer new ways for customers to place orders through our Online Ordering Portal, saves you time as orders seamlessly populate into MetriX Lite.

Quick and Easy Production Management
Use MetriX Lite to Forecast your production, or populate production numbers based on open Sales Orders for a specific date. This easily allows you to generate reports based on base products, slicing instructions and production departments to provide to your team!

Reporting Tools
With the large number of reporting tools that are available in MetriX Lite, you will have access to the information you need to make educated decisions and grow your business. Also, providing your staff with live critical data helps you make improvements, reduce risks, and have a more efficient operation. An array of reports are available, including topics such as distribution, routing, revenue and more!

Moving away from a paper-based system has never been so accessible. All in one place, Metrix Lite links information together automating many of the processes, saving time, increasing productivity, and providing real-time data, helping you create better schedules and optimizing your production. 

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