It can be hard trying to figure out how to implement ERP during a pandemic. You want to be as productive as possible, but when you are used to being in-house it can throw a curve-ball in your plans. Don’t let life’s uncertainties stop you from reaching your goals. We can’t always stop bad things from happening, but we can adapt to the new normal and keep moving forward.

Virtual Training

With FlexiBake, we already provide virtual training. This isn’t new to us, so we already have a rock-solid foundation for you to lean on. Sometimes, the only way to implement ERP during a pandemic is to just start. During this uncertain time, you can bring some comfort and organization into your lives by allowing your implementation coach take over a little. We can set up weekly meetings together, to get the software up in running to your liking, one week at a time. The great thing about doing it online is that we can get in contact with your entire team, even if you’re not in the same place.

Use your Spare Time Wisely

Not every dark day is without light. With this extra time on your hands it is an excellent time to start something new and productive for your future. Being stuck at home means you know you’ll be able to spend an hour or two a week on implementation. You no longer have traffic, extra curriculars, and other distractions eating up your time – may as well make the best of it!

Recorded Training

Another great reassurance of trying to implement ERP during a pandemic is that we provide a recorded copy of your training video. We may go over lots of components in 1 training, but now you have time to review what we went over. This just means you’ll be an expert even faster!

Data Sheets

One of the great things about getting started with FlexiBake is that we can import some of your existing data. This being said, you can be at home and still implement ERP during a pandemic. As long as you have a list of your products or customers or suppliers etc., you can skip the manual entry! Not to mention the data sheets take a bit of time to finesse, so what better opportunity then now to work on them?

We understand it is a crazy uncertain time, so why not use this opportunity to do something productive that benefits your future! FlexiBake is fully accessible from home. From the training to our Support Portal, it is all online for your convenience. In you are interested in taking the right step towards your future – contact a sales rep today.