Trying to keep up with Inventory during the busy holidays can be a nightmare. Don’t you wish it would keep track of itself? Well with FlexiBake, it pretty well can! Not only does FlexiBake help store, organize, and allocate inventory for your day to day production, it also holds onto patterns and trends to help you forecast for the future!

Keep up with inventory using Forecasting

One of the many great ways FlexiBake helps you keep up with inventory during the busy season is making great use of our forecasting tools. FlexiBake offers forecasting for sales trends, which is great any time of the year, but it also looks at production trends! We understand not all companies base their production on sales, so we offer the production side to forecasting as well. This can be especially useful when trying to estimate how much product to aim to stock during the crazier times.

Keep track of changes with Inventory Adjustment Slips

Another helpful FlexiBake tool is our IA Slips! This stands for Inventory Adjustment Slips and they are a necessity to keep up with inventory during the holidays. Although FlexiBake has terrific purchasing/receiving functionality, we understand that when you’re in a rush, things sometimes get missed, lost, broken, etc. With our IA Slip functionality, you have 2 options, Take on Inventory and Adjust Inventory on Hand. If you forgot to incorporate a shipment of flour, you can add it in on the fly to complete your production! Additionally, you can adjust lot numbers already in the system, let’s say you spilt part of the bag or you didn’t use as much on the last batch as you thought.

Lot tracking tools also keep detailed inventory information

Finally, FlexiBake’s most useful tools are it’s amazing lot tracking tools. Trying to keep up with inventory during your day to day operations, let alone a busy holiday time can take up so much of your time. FlexiBake was designed to keep track on your inventory from start to finish, so the last thing you need to worry about is tracking it on your own. The best part is, whenever you need to check traceability or recall an item, it is literally at the click of a button!

Those were just a few broad examples of the many ways FlexiBake helps you keep up with inventory during the busy holiday season. If you would like you hear more please contact us today!