Easily organize and track production days

Bakery Software for Production Scheduling

Plan your bakery production in advance, stay compliant and schedule production with an easy to use, drag and drop interface.
Reduce the time it takes to plan bakery production and seamlessly link your bakery sales orders with your production schedule.

Help the production staff work efficiently to make sure production meets delivery and shipping schedules. Ingredient shortages are no longer an issue with the ability to track inventory in real time. Effective bakery production planning starts with an organized system.

Integrated bakery label designer.

The integrated label designer allows you to easily create label templates using a familiar drag and drop interface that is easy to learn and use.

Label templates can include product names, best before dates, lot numbers, logos, ingredient statements, Nutrition Facts Panels, UPC codes and other barcodes, as well as any user defined fields. Say goodbye to preprinted labels that constantly need to be changed and updated. FlexiBake bakery software and its integrated label designer eliminates dual entry, saves time, and creates attractive labels.

Schedule bakery production with an intuitive drag and drop calendar.

Organize your bakery production weeks in advance with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop system that automatically schedules the recipes needed to meet production.

Plan bakery production well in advance based on forecasts, minimum stock levels and sales orders. Use a calendar to drag and drop products needed for production and automatically schedule the recipes your bakery needs to meet production requirements. Bakeries who produce products over multiple days have the option of scheduling a recipe in several stages. Make the icing one day, the filling on another and the cake next week.

Create reports effortlessly including bill of materials and work orders.

Prevent production stoppages by easily seeing what items need to be ordered to meet production requirements with a bill of materials.

Reports are automatically made as you create your bakery production schedule. A bill of materials (BOM) report is one of the many reports offered. A BOM will alert you if there are any ingredient or packaging shortages and could save your bakery from costly delays. Use reports such as work orders, product on order, and production summaries to maintain quality control and avoid inventory errors.

Consume raw materials while adding products for instant lot tracking.

Monitor live inventory levels by consuming raw materials used in production.

A key requirement in achieving compliance and certifications includes the ability to consume raw materials in real time. FlexiBake bakery software allows production staff to tell the system when they have used materials by using the production scheduler. Automatically use the FIFO method or override to account for newer inventory that was used instead. After each batch has been completed, instantly create a product tag with the correct batch number linked to all of the ingredients that were used in the recipe.

Manage government regulations, HACCP, FSMA, BRC etc.

Use product tracking and production reports to stay on top of government regulations while allowing you to perform product recalls with the click of a button.

Staying compliant and up to date with government regulations is a challenge for many bakeries. FlexiBake gives you the tools to manage and gain certifications such as HACCP & BRC. Product tracking is one of the many requirements for achieving compliance. The bakery production scheduler helps by consuming the correct lot numbers and then producing traceable batch numbers. Use work orders, production reports, and your production screen to help production staff stay on track.

It used to take us over an hour to run our production, but with FlexiBake it takes less than 10 minutes to run all reports! The online portal is a game changer for us and our customers.

H&F Bread Co

We have moved from a collection of spreadsheets to a different way of running the business, all areas now integrated and updated in real time.

Las Delicias

The support and customer service teams have been phenomenal training us and helping us use the software efficiently and effectively.

Serrvatii Pastry Shop & Deli