The holidays are always a stressful time, but holidays during a pandemic is crazy. We understand that trying to run your business during the pandemic on a regular day has its challenges. Adding a large holiday into the mix can feel overwhelming! Luckily, FlexiBake already has tools in place to keep you on track and make the holidays a time for productivity rather than stress.

Forecasting Orders

There’s nothing better for tackling the holidays during a pandemic than being prepared and organized! With everything going on you probably don’t have a ton of spare time on your hands; luckily FlexiBake has a few tricks up its sleeve to help you out. What better way to predict the influx of orders than going off of your own sales trends? FlexiBake has forecasting tools for sales and production to help you predict what your busiest times are going to look like. Not only are they available to use, they’re super user friendly to make sure you have the time and attention for other parts of your business.

Promotional Pricing for Holidays During a Pandemic

Another benefit FlexiBake has in store for you is its promotional pricing functionality. The setup is quick and simple! Simply select a date range, which products and which customers it applies to, then set your price! This is another great way FlexiBake helps you get prepared for the holidays during a pandemic. Set it up in minutes and you won’t have to think about it again.

Holiday Cards with Product Lists

Did you know FlexiBake generates a saveable, decorative product list instantly? There are multiple layouts to choose from, and you can customize it to showcase certain product categories if you need to cater to different customers needs! There’s nothing more festive than sending out holiday cards, why not benefit from it yourself and attach a product list in there!

It’s no secret the holidays during a pandemic are going to be a tricky time. We hope FlexiBake makes this time a little simpler for you! If you would like to see a demo please click here.