Male and female chefs checking recipe on tablet computer while preparing pasta in commercial kitchen

If you haven’t already looked into an online ordering system, now is the time. Flexibake understands an online ordering portal is a plug-in to your ERP that will allow your customers to place their own orders and manage their own accounts using an intuitive, online customer facing interface.

Your salespeople can focus on selling

If your sales team spends the majority of the day taking phone calls from your existing customer base, their time isn’t well spent. A lot of your customers would prefer to place their own orders online and your sales team would have time to go out and find new accounts. When your sales team doesn’t have to focus on the mundane tasks of order entry, they can get back to what they love, making sales.

Be the most technically advanced of your competitors

Many customers would love to be able to place their orders and manage their own accounts on their time. Online ordering portals are still relatively new and if you’re one of the few companies who does offer your customers the service, it might make you the preferable choice. Imagine being named the most tech savvy bakery in the area, we’ve heard online ordering helps a lot of our customers grow their customer base quite quickly.

Your customers are free to place more orders

In business, time is money and time is normally pretty hard to come by when you’re running a business. If you can offer your customers convenient online ordering, meaning they can do it while they’re eating breakfast or late at night after your sales team has gone home for the day, it could be more attractive for them to place more orders. Do you think you lose potential orders by forcing customers to call, fax, or email during a specific time in the day without their previous order history in front of them? When you take the brain work out of placing an order, it makes it more inviting to your customers to order more often.

Millennials prefer online ordering

With millennials moving into purchasing positions, you’ll find that many would prefer to work with the most technically savvy bakery. They will start demanding to use their smart phone to place orders online while they’re looking at their inventory, rather than writing it all down on a piece of paper and then calling you. If you can offer the same service but faster, more convenient, and with less mistakes, why would go anywhere else?

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