At FlexiBake, we understand how important proper production scheduling is to ensuring that your bakery is running at optimal efficiency. That is why we offer bakery software options for optimizing wholesale bakery production scheduling that can help reduce the time it takes to plan production, while also seamlessly linking your sales orders with your production schedule.

Intuitive Production Scheduling

Our bakery software allows you to organize your production well in advanced based on forecasts, minimum stock levels, and sales orders, all in one easy to use drag and drop system. Utilizing the calendar function allows you to drag and drop products that are needed for production, as well as to schedule the recipes your bakery needs in order to meet your production requirements. Intuitive production scheduling is especially handy for bakeries that produce products over multiple days, as it gives you the option to schedule recipes in several stages.

Managing Government Regulations

Staying up to date and compliant with government regulations does not have to be a challenge. With the help of our bakery software for production scheduling, you will be able to easily manage and gain certifications, such as BRC, FSMA, and HACCP. The production scheduling software helps you achieve compliance by consuming the correct lot numbers and then producing traceable batch numbers. It can even help you use work orders and production reports to help your staff stay on track.

Creating Effortless Reports

One of the main benefits of using production scheduling bakery software is that it will automatically create reports, such as a bill of materials, which can help prevent production stoppage, as items need to be ordered. A bill of materials report is one of the many reports offered by our production scheduler, and it is designed to alert you if there are any ingredient or packaging shortages. Some of the other reports that the production scheduling software offers include work orders, product to order, and production summaries to maintain quality control and avoid inventory errors.

Instant Lot Tracking

Consuming raw materials in real time is a key requirement of achieving compliance and certifications. With the easy to use production scheduling system, staff members can tell the system when they have used materials. This allows the system to track the ingredients in each recipe, so that it can instantly create a product tag with the correct batch number linked to all the ingredients used in that recipe.

If you would like to learn more about optimizing bakery production scheduling with bakery software, or if you are interested in one of our solutions or services, please contact FlexiBake at 604-637-6528 or by filling out a contact form on our website.