Make-to-Order Bakery Software for Production Management

Bakery Management ERP Software

The perfect solution to take hundreds of orders, manage routes, and produce fresh products.

The best setup for bakeries that are looking for an effective, easy to use wholesale management ERP solution. Improve the efficiency of your day to day tasks and overcome challenges in sales, routing, and production. FlexiBake ERP can help grow your bakery and make your life easier by streamlining your operations and automating your bakery. Have the confidence to sign large deals knowing that you’ll be able to consistently provide your customers with a quality product.

Easily manage hundreds of daily bakery orders

Generate standing orders in seconds with override ability and quick edit tools.

Managing your sales orders is easy with the ability to run hundreds of standing orders all at one time. Use sales templates for stress-free order entry, even with a large volume of orders coming in. Generate sales reports and use relevant filters to mine detailed data on opportunities.

Order management Bakery ERP software
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Quickly enter bakery orders with pre populated templates

Order templates store customer preferences like slicing and packaging for more efficient order entry.

Set up customer's standing orders in FlexiBake and easily generate all the standing orders together in seconds. Make changes in advance, saving you and your order takers hours entering the same orders every day. Shadow orders easily populate sales orders with a template that includes the products they prefer. Customer service reps can then quickly enter the appropriate quantities for each order. Use FlexiBake’s smart select screen to quickly enter manual orders and find information on buying habits and available inventory.

Manage orders bakery management software
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Routing and distribution tools to increase accuracy

Drag and drop interface with the flexibility to change drivers and move customers to different routes at any time

Manage any number of routes with an easy to use drag and drop interface. Take charge of last minute changes during the course of the day with the flexibility to change drivers and move customers to different routes. Plan your deliveries and identify how many drivers are required, quickly seeing inefficiencies. Simplify the routing and distribution process with detailed reports that include route delivery slips, delivery logs, truck loading slips, and distribution reports. Reports are organized by the set delivery sequence with the option to make changes to routes during the day.

Route management software for bakeries
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Manage production with detailed reports based on orders

Many production reports with customization filters to keep production organized and on track

Production numbers stay up to date as they are based on sales orders and include up to the minute changes. Forecast production numbers before the order cut-off time so that daily production can begin sooner with more accuracy. Use reports such as product required, slicing, recipes required, baker’s sheets, and production masters to make sure the production department stays on track. Allow your bakers to focus on what they love to do, bake.

Reporting management for bakeries
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Generate packing reports by order and route

Instantly print packing reports to avoid errors and keep drivers aware of any special instructions, such as alarm codes.

Simplify the packing routine with reports that are based on sales order entry and routes. Print packing reports in advance for the packing department and add any special delivery or packing notes to keep drivers aware of any special instructions, such as alarm codes, for the stops on their route.

Manage reports bakery ERP software
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