In a time where more companies are looking for ways to be more efficient in an evolving market, businesses are turning to the concept of Direct Store Delivery (DSD).

What is Direct Store Delivery?

Our direct store delivery – or DSD – option is an easy-to-use app that allows your delivery drivers to manage their routes anytime on their tablet or smartphone. This includes, editing invoices, collecting payments, recording expenses as they occur, tracking inventory, entering returns for guaranteed sales, and finalizing end of day reports. Direct store delivery is the ideal model for perishable items that are high in demand as it provides more control in real-time, thus improving your sales and profit margins. This new DSD app integrates directly into FlexiBake and ensures that business owners have greater control over their products, therefore saving your business time and money.

What are the benefits of DSD?

FlexiBake provides an opportunity to support your business growth, by integrating our app into your existing ERP software. Or, maybe you are still thinking about giving FlexiBake a trial? DSD may just be the additional app you have been waiting for to take your business growth even further.
As we know, operating a business can be very demanding, and while it may seem impossible to keep up with your daily tasks, the DSD app allows you to create a more efficient business model in real time. Overall, by implementing direct store delivery, you can increase sales, improve your business insight, build customer loyalty and create a better overall experience for both your team and your customers.

Here are the top three benefits of implementing the DSD app:

1. Keep those route balances in check

FlexiBake’s DSD app will mean drivers never have to wait to the office to edit and reprint/email invoices or enter payments. Data in FlexiBake will automatically populate with the input of information from your delivery driver. Drivers will be able to edit and print invoices, collect signatures from your customers, record any necessary returns and expenses, and most importantly, receive payment.

2. Accurate route inventory

With DSD, you can have a detailed breakdown of remaining, allocated and loaded inventory throughout the delivery process. The best part – your delivery driver is able to track any remaining, allocated, loaded or stale returned inventory for that day of deliveries in real time.

3. Create end-of day reports, anywhere, anytime

Reports no longer a daunting task using the direct store delivery app! DSD will finalize your end of day reports based on the information drivers have input for that day, allowing the driver to send them to the office from any location. Reports summarize the end of day delivery inventory, invoices for that corresponding day, and any transactions that took place.

Our Direct Store Delivery Solution

Here at FlexiBake, we are passionate about investing in your future and watching your business grow. That is why we created the DSD app – a way to simplify the way you do business and to create more efficient delivery solutions.

Find out if DSD is right for your business by speaking to one of our Account Executives today.