When deciding whether FlexiBake is right for you, it is important to ask yourself “What wholesale bakery tools would I rely on most for day-to-day operations?” If production planning, order management, inventory and purchasing decisions, and distribution organization fall onto that list (which they probably do) then you should be looking into a bakery software like FlexiBake. Our ERP offers a variety of wholesale bakery tools for different types of food production. We recognize that no two bakeries are the same, that’s why we have multiple options in each step of the process. From mixing and production, to behind the scenes management and decision making – we’ve got you covered.

Wholesale Bakery Tools for Production

FlexiBake offers a Production center with two key wholesale bakery tools – depending on your specific needs. We call them tools because they are an essential helping hand for many successful bakeries and food manufacturers. Production planning tools will help you get ahead and stay on top of planning production for the week. A huge crowd favourite is inventory tracking through each step of the production process for fast and accurate lot tracking and traceability. Not to mention, all the production reports that you can access on the fly! From auto-calculated recipe cards to baker’s sheets with flour weight and scaling instructions, you’re sure to find what your team needs.

Order Management Tools

Why not automate as much of the order management job as possible so that you and your team can focus on giving the best customer service, finding new customers, and growing your business? Let FlexiBake’s wholesale bakery tools help manage your sales and order. With our top tier design, FlexiBake will tackle the biggest time wasters when it comes to managing orders. FlexiBake helps you keep track of all your customer data, from their specific pricing, to their standing orders. With an easy set up and 1 click of a button, you can generate your standing orders instantly from day to day or even week to week. Have a short in production? No problem! FlexiBake has a tool to account for shorts across your orders instantly.

Did we mention we have an online ordering portal where your customers could log in and place or edit their own orders? Not only can they manage their orders themselves but they can also look up their invoices, and see notes or announcements from your team. The online ordering portal also takes your cut off times into account, meaning your orders will actually be in on time for production everyday!

Analysis Tools

In order to make sound business decision on sales trends, supplier contracts, costing and pricing, or even bigger decisions like purchasing new equipment or moving to larger premises – you need a lot of information. Comparing variables of production and sales doesn’t have to be daunting. FlexiBake’s Analysis Tools are built to aid you in your tough decision making. As far as wholesale bakery tools go, analysis is crucial to have by your side. We’ve incorporated tools for forecasting, comparison, what-ifs and more. Each report and analysis tool can easily be exported to excel so that you are never limited in your decision making.

FlexiBake is all about making your life and business easier. Not only are our huge variety of tools available to cater to your style of operation, they’re also user friendly and easy to learn. We understand the importance of wholesale bakery tools, so we aim to make the transition into using FlexiBake as rewarding as possible. Not to mention our Support Staff are ready to help you from day one of implementation to every day after. We offer customer service for all things FlexiBake, whether you need help finding a certain function or want advice on how to set up your system – we’re here for you and your success.

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