At Flexibake, we have had a lot of people start choosing our on-site training option, here’s why. With today’s distracted world of smart phones, watches, tablets, and other devices, the idea that your whole team would be alert and engaged during an online webinar may feel unrealistic. Having a trainer on-site, conducting training and interactive activities for 3-10 days is the most effective and efficient way to train your team.

People learn better in a classroom setting

There are three main learners in the world, those who learn by doing, those who learn by watching and those who learn by listening. Most people fall into the first category or a combination of watching and then doing. Usually, the hands on approach is what will cement the learning. While many people can watch a training video or tutorial and then experiment in the program with what they just learnt, they may not feel totally confident that they are completing the task the right way.

It’s easier to train a group of people at once

It’s one thing to have 1-3 people sitting at the conference table with the training webinar projected on the wall, but once you have 4 or more people things will get hectic. Issues such as questions going unanswered, one person dominating the training or people zoning out are expensive and can affect how well the software is used. ERP systems are designed to save time and money, but they can only do that when they are being used properly and with good data. When a trainer is on-site, they are able to conduct one-on-one sessions for more integral and in-depth processes. They can also watch the learners to ensure everyone is following the training, questions are answered, and trainees participate in interactive activities.

Your trainer can conduct a site-review

Having a trainer to your facility is a great opportunity to ensure you are using your ERP to it’s full potential. They can walk the plant to check that receiving is being done properly and lot tags are utilized to help with quality control and lot tracking. Trainers can also look for options to increase order takers productivity, production techniques to eliminate waste or even make access to the system more convenient.

The ROI is instant with on-site training

The best thing about on-site training is the instant ROI. Before the trainer comes on-site you will put in place primary goals which can include implementing online ordering or lot tracking routines. These will be your main goals during the training and will make sure you to see an instant ROI before the trainer leaves. This could include the ability to get through that dreaded mock recall that’s coming up or win a new account which demands instant and flexible ordering.

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