Bakery Accounting Software

FlexiBake ERP Software Accounting Module

FlexiBake bakery software allows you to take care of all your accounts receivable with integration to the most widely used accounting systems.

Organize your accounts receivable and continue using the accounting program you're already familiar with for your payables. FlexiBake integrates with QuickBooks, Xero, Sage, GP (Great Plains), Peachtree, MYOB and more. Eliminate dual entry and keep all of your records accurate and up to date. Important information such as suppliers, customers, and open balances can be imported directly into FlexiBake to reduce data entry.

Integrate with familiar accounting programs to eliminate the learning curve.

We know you like your accounting program, that's why we've integrated with some of the major accounting programs available.

FlexiBake integrates with most commercial accounting systems. This includes, but is not limited to QuickBooks, Xero, Sage, GP (Great Plains), Peachtree, MYOB and more. With the click of a button, you can export invoices, credits, and payments in a consolidated or unconsolidated format. Link general ledger accounts and codes to make sure your information is organized properly.

Bakery management software for accounting
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Receive payments quickly with simple credit card processing.

Need to organize all of your payments quickly? FlexiBake lets you process credit cards and statements!

You can instantly enter and encrypt customer credit cards for secure payments with the help of Automatically apply payments to open invoices. Easily view and manage payments with an automatic paid stamp. Use filters, reports, and the find feature to keep track of outstanding balances, overdue bills, and payment details.

Management software for bakery accounting
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Instantly send invoices, credits, and statements via email.

Emailing invoices and statements is fast and easy with FlexiBake, saving you the hassle of exporting documents.

Instantly email information to your customers to keep them happy and up to date with their account. Avoid printing and mailing paperwork out to customers using the accounting module's email option. After invoices have been made, you can automatically send them to the right contacts using customer specific preferences.

Bakery management software for invoicing and accounting statements
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