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FlexiBake is an easy to use ERP bakery software for the baking industry. The bakery software provides nutritional analysis, production planning, route management, lot tracking, online ordering and so much more. FlexiBake is the only bakery software you will ever need!

Bakery software packed with great features

Production Planning &
Route Management

  • Packing, routing, and driver management tools
  • Instant production reports based on orders
  • A variety of easy to use packing and loading reports
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  • Lot coded tags for ingredients
  • Save time with FIFO ingredient consumption
  • Work orders track
    each step
  • Trace and remove
    all inventory to avoid
    further contamination
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  • Allow customers to place and update wholesale orders
  • Give customers access to their invoices and product information
  • Seamless interaction with FlexiBake's order screen
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Functionality at your fingertips,
anywhere - with On-The-Cloud.

FlexiBake-on-the-Cloud is the same great bakery software that runs bakeries around the world. A cloud based system that manages production, inventory, distribution and A/R. Your toughest decisions will be which computer, tablet or smartphone you are going to run FlexiBake bakery software on today and where you are going to work from.

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Bakery software on the cloud

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The power of a modular system
is that it can
grow with your business.

Customizable Bakery ERP Software

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Bakery ERP Software Testimonials

Our bakery has been using Flexibake for over 4 years now. We like how easy it is to manage. It used to take us over an hour to run our production, but with Flexibake it takes less than 10 minutes to run all reports! The online portal is a game changer for us and our customers; they love having the ease of inputting their own daily orders as well as standing orders.

I would say one of the things we enjoy most about Flexibake is the customer service, it’s top notch! We have never had any trouble getting ahold of someone to assist us, and it typically happens in a fast manner.

Overall, we would recommend and have recommended Flexibake to other companies, we are truly happy.

Velvet HallProduction and Sourcing Coordinator, H&F Bread Co. Testimonials