Easy to use apps to manage your bakery

Industry leading ERP software and apps to grow and run your wholesale bakery efficiently

Great features to help every type of bakery

FlexiBake is full of features that help your bakery prioritize, predict, and perform

Sales Management

Manage your incoming orders with templates, standing orders, imports, forecasts and automation tools

Inventory Management

Manage inventory movement from purchasing to shipping at one or multiple production facilities and remote warehouses

Production Management

Whether you need detailed planning or quick forecasting, plan and track production with ease for whatever type of recipe driven product and number of SKU’s per day you produce

Online Ordering App

Use cut-off times, confirmation emails and customer access permissions to allow your customers to place, edit and manage their own orders

Lot Tracking

Control your batches and trace ingredients all the way from receiving, through production and shipping for quick and effective recall documentation and analysis

Route Management

Plan, sequence and generate invoices, delivery slips, route logs, load sheets, product pick lists and many more documents in sequence by route

Instant Traceability Reporting

Conduct a mock recall in under 15 seconds during your next audit

Trace all of the ingredients from your suppliers, which recipe batches they were used in, which lot numbers of products were created, and where the product was shipped.

Wholesale Online Ordering Portal

Free your customers and take the pressure off your sales staff

Control your order cut off times and delivery days by customer, category and product. Customize messaging and non-delivery days.

Integrate with tools you already love

Reduce the learning curve by integrating with your current accounting and EDI systems

Functionality at your fingertips, anywhere.

FlexiBake-on-the-Cloud is the same great bakery software that runs bakeries around the world. A cloud-based system that manages production, inventory, distribution, and A/R. Your toughest decisions will be which computer, tablet or smartphone you are going to run FlexiBake bakery software on and where you are going to work from.

Part of FlexiBake’s MetriX suite, we are now offering an entry level ERP for businesses looking to automate, simply.

A plan for every kind of bakery

Trusted in 29 different countries and by thousands of users like:

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4 Key Features of FlexiBake

4 Key Features of FlexiBake

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