How does FlexiBake work?

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does implementing FlexiBake bakery software in a business normally take?

On average, implementation of FlexiBake bakery software takes 6 weeks to 3 months. This depends entirely on the amount of resources and time allocated to the project.

What differentiates FlexiBake from other software in the ERP industry?

A major difference is that we concentrate solely on the Food Manufacturing Industry. Every feature in FlexiBake has been added based on feedback from our users, all of whom are bakeries or other food and beverage manufacturers. FlexiBake ERP bakery software does not force you to work with an unfamiliar accounting application as we support data import to virtually all commercial accounting software. We are the developers of the bakery software and own all the rights to it. We also do not outsource our support function.

What size company is FlexiBake designed for?

FlexiBake has been designed to fit start-up businesses up to mid-sized operations. We have different plans available to give our customers the opportunity to start small and add on functionality as their business grows.

Our customers range from mom and pop retails stores up to businesses generating well over $50 million in annual revenues. We have customers currently running more than 20 simultaneous users working in the bakery system and offer many options including costing, nutritional, live inventory, production, and much more.


What accounting software can I use with the Flexibake bakery software?

We export all Account Receivable data to the most common accounting programs including QuickBooks, Xero, Sage 50 and 300, Microsoft GP, MYOB along with others and simple .csv exports.

Does FlexiBake offer a POS Solution or integrate with a specific POS System?

At this time we do not offer a Point of Sales System, nor do we recommend one specific POS system to integrate with our system. Our suggestion would be to find the POS system that best works with your business, specify the information you’d like to interface with FlexiBake bakery software and then let us know what file format that POS system will allow you to export.

Does FlexiBake automatically backup the database?

On-Premise: Every customers systems and network regulations are different so we leave the process of backing up the database to your I.T. staff. We will gladly assist them in any questions or concerns they may have.

On-Cloud: Accounts include secure automatic daily and weekly data backups and offsite storage

Bakery Software Updates

FlexiBake is continually updating and improving our software in order to reflect the changing industry.

Update your software right from the program. As soon as a new update is released, an alert will come up and you can update at your convenience. Have a question about updating? Please contact our support department and they’ll be happy to help you get up to date.

FlexiBake-on-the-Cloud customers have access to updates included in their monthly rental. There’s no extra charges or fees to stay up to date with the latest version.

On-Premise customers have access to updates and technical support for the year included in their annual maintenance fee.

What are your options for implementation?

3 Implementation Plans to Choose

Learn and implement FlexiBake from the comfort of your own office through weekly online training courses delivered by experienced FlexiBake trainers.

On-site Training

On-site training is proven to be the most efficient and effective way to implement an ERP system.

What are the Benefits of ERP Software?

Automating the Bakery Business

At a time where everything is going digital – why not automate your bakery business? It only makes sense that the bakery business keeps moving forward with the rest of the world. Although, there are plenty of other reasons to automate your bakery, besides just keeping up with the times.

Still Using Excel? Move your Business Online & Switch to ERP

If you are STILL using excel, it’s time to move your business online and switch to ERP. With the new hardships in the world today, being able to work remotely is more important then ever. ERP software is basically an excel sheet on steroids, it’s faster, more accurate, easier to maintain, and does so much more than your typical excel spreadsheet.

10 Questions to Ask When Researching Bakery ERP Software

Choosing the right bakery software is important. Researching enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for bakeries is a huge, daunting project. We’ve worked with many companies throughout the years during their research, implementation and growth stages. Over the years, we’ve picked up a few important things about researching bakery software.

How can you improve your bakery’s accounting systems?

Analyze your Bakery to Better Prepare for 2021

A new year, with new possibilities! FlexiBake provides you with an abundance of tools to help analyze your bakery before and in the beginning of 2021. Having the tools to help prepare you before the clock strikes midnight means you get to look forward to a fresh start in the morning. It can be overwhelming to think about analyzing all aspects of your business, that’s why FlexiBake is here to help you out!

Use FlexiBake to Assist With Year End

New Year is always a busy time with a lot of business processes that need to be completed.

Between gathering the right information for taxes and shareholders, analyzing the previous year, and building departmental budgets it’s almost impossible to keep up! That is, unless you’re using FlexiBake.

FlexiBake ERP & QuickBooks Accounting

QuickBooks accounting software is one of the most popular accounting software systems around the world, especially in the commercial baking industry. It’s simple to use, easy to set up, and is up to date on country specific rules and guidelines. That’s why FlexiBake has set up such a quick and easy integration with QuickBooks!

How important is online ordering?

Why Online Ordering is Crucial in the Baking Industry

In a world where everything is instant, online ordering is crucial for running your business in the most efficient way. Not only is it a great way to keep up with the technological advancement of the times, but it is also a huge time saver to allocate order taking to the customer

Bakery Software for Online Food Ordering

At FlexiBake, we understand how important your customers are to you. That is why we offer bakery software for online food ordering that allows your customers to place and update orders, as well as manage their own standing orders. Allowing your customers to view account history, reprint invoices, and look up detailed product data, including nutritional information, provides them with a level of transparency they can trust.

3 Reasons Why Your Customers Want to Order Online

FlexiBake released our Online Ordering Portal 3 year ago and the response we’ve seen is amazing! Our customer’s love the freedom it gives them and their customer’s love the independence they’ve received through the ability to order online.

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