Bakery Software For Production Scheduling & Lot Tracking

FlexiBake Bakery Management Software

The perfect solution to manage long lead times, frozen production and product tracking.

An ideal setup for bakeries that are looking to easily manage their frozen production and inventory stock. Overcome inventory, lot tracking, and production obstacles with FlexiBake ERP.

Effortless sales order entry

Use tools like sales order templates, standing orders, and shadow orders to easily input and manage sales.

Use tools such as order history, forecasting, standing orders, and shadow orders to make sales order entry easy. Instantly find trends and opportunities by viewing purchase history data such as average order amount, last order, and preferred products. Manage customer accounts with the ability to record and view their ordering habits. Prepopulate sales orders with standing orders or order templates to eliminate common errors and cut down the time it takes your sales team to enter orders.

Managing sales bakery ERP software
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Easily assemble and track orders through 3rd party shipping

Generate picklists to easily track sales orders and pull the right items for shipping.

Fill orders quickly and easily using picklists that have the ability to detail the pallet locations and amount of product required to fulfill the order. Use these reports to pick the correct product lot numbers and give distributors or third party shippers accurate packing information. With integration to Vtech's Starship, populate tracking numbers and schedule with UPS, FEDEX, Purolator and more.

Shipping bakery management
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Schedule production quickly based on orders, inventory and forecasts

Plan and visually compare production using the intuitive calendar. Easily drag and drop orders to production.

View products on order, inventory levels, and product already scheduled within a specific date range. Use this information to quickly create your production schedule with no restriction on how far in advance production can be scheduled. Use daily production work orders to meet targets and deadlines. Eliminate ingredient shortages with product forecasts to figure out any inventory purchases that need to be made. For just in time production, generate purchase orders in advance based on forecasts.

Bakery software for scheduling production
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Automated picklists and invoicing simplify order fulfillment and shipping

Automated picklists use FIFO and can be used to help packers organize each order. Invoices automatically track and display lot numbers assigned to the order.

Fulfill orders quickly and easily using picklists that detail the pallet locations and amount of product required to fulfill the order. Instantly create invoices detailing the lot numbers that were picked, email them to your customers, and print out a copy for your drivers and distributors.

Bakery ERP for managing picklists
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Tools to comply with government and certification requirements.

Track lot numbers from raw materials to baked products that have been shipped to your customers. Conduct real or mock recalls with one click.

Government regulations require that plants have top notch quality control and accurate, detailed product tracking. FlexiBake’s make to stock bundle helps you track goods all the way through the supply chain. Track lot numbers from raw materials to baked products that have been shipped out. Invoices are sent to customers with lot numbers listed to ensure smooth recall processes if required. At any time, you can pull reports that list lot numbers that are still in inventory, that have already been picked, or products that have been shipped out. Easily track this information to conduct a real or mock recall. For those bakeries that require a nutritional analysis, populate nutritional facts from government databases and easily create government standard nutritional labels from provided templates.

Government compliance Bakery ERP
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