Simplify Confectionery Operations.

Our easy-to-use confectionery ERP handles everything from production to delivery, while effortlessly maintaining quality and efficiency. 

Focus on creating your delicious treats while we handle the details.

Organize production and inventory management
Prioritize quality control and remain compliant
Improve supply chain management flow
Enhance financial management and reporting
Nurture customer relationships

Ensure every treat is crafted with love and precision.

Our ERP system automates your production process, from scheduling to inventory, ensuring nothing is left to chance.
Efficient Production Scheduling:
Our Master Production Scheduling (MPS) optimizes every step, ensuring timely, precise production based on orders, forecasts and stock levels.
Real-Time Inventory Tracking:
Inventory Management lets you control stocked goods, lots, and batches effortlessly whether you have one plant or multiple facilities and warehouses.
Yield Reporting:
Minimum stock levels and yield reporting help maintain the perfect balance between supply and demand.
BOM and Multi-layer BOMs:
Handle complex recipes with ease, ensuring each confection is made to perfection. Create work orders and BOM’s based on your production schedule.

Keep your creations
safe and delightful

Keep your creations
safe and delightful

Be certain every candy meets the highest standards,
safeguarding your reputation and customers’ trust.

Be certain every candy meets the highest standards,
safeguarding your reputation and customers’ trust.

Quality Assurance (QA):
Implement robust QA with features like inspection planning and schedules.
HACCP Builder:
Use FlexiBake as part of your HACCP plan, BRC or SQF certification to maintain top-notch safety standards.
Allergen Management:
Protect your customers with meticulous FDA and CFIA allergen labeling, segregation and management.
Recall Management:
Easily manage recalls, mock recalls, and recall plans, ensuring swift, effective action. Trace raw materials used during production and track products made and distributed from recalled ingredients.

Bringing harmony to your supply chain.

Our system integrates every link, from suppliers to shelves, creating a seamless flow of goods and information.
Supplier Management:
Control supplier records and requests with ease, ensuring smooth, reliable sourcing.
Material Requirement Planning (MRP):
Precisely plan your material needs, reducing waste and ensuring availability. Use minimum stock quantities, orders and your production schedule to forecast.
Receiving and Purchase Order Tracking:
Track every purchase order with built-in food safety features, ensuring accuracy and compliance.
Ensure end-to-end visibility from raw materials to finished goods, maintaining transparency and trust.

Caring for your financial health.

Caring for your financial health.

Our ERP nurtures your financial operations,
providing clarity and control over costs and revenues.

Our ERP nurtures your financial operations,
providing clarity and control over costs and revenues.

Cost Control:
Material and package costing features help manage and reduce production costs.
Comprehensive Reporting:
Generate detailed financial reports effortlessly, aiding strategic planning and decision-making.
Nutritional Labeling:
Ensure accurate, compliant labeling to meet FDA and CFIA regulatory requirements and customer expectations.
Shelf-life Determination:
Manage product freshness with shelf-life tracking and reporting.

Delight customers
with every interaction.

Delight customers
with every interaction.

Our ERP system fosters stronger relationships by
ensuring every order is handled with care and precision.

Our ERP system fosters stronger relationships by
ensuring every order is handled with care and precision.

Order Management:
Simplify order processing with our user-friendly interface, ensuring timely and accurate order fulfillment.
Standing Orders:
Manage recurring orders efficiently, ensuring customers always have their favorite treats on time.
Customer Insights:
Gain valuable insights into customer preferences with detailed data and analytics.
Automated Picking and Delivery:
Be confident that orders are fulfilled accurately and on time, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

“FlexiBake’s cloud solution simplified our operations since 2014. User-friendly interface, remote flexibility, and responsive support ensure smooth operations.”

Susan Zink

Development & Sales Manager, Heartland Gourmet

“FlexiBake’s cloud-based accessibility transformed our workflow—work from anywhere! User-friendly interface, seamless integration with Xero, and responsive Support.”


Office Manager, Simply Fresh Food

“After 4 years, FlexiBake still streamlines our production, reducing report time from hours to minutes. The online portal and top-notch customer service are unbeatable!”

Velvet Hall

Production & Service Coordinator, H&F Bread Co.

“FlexiBake transformed our business, replacing spreadsheets with integrated operations. Enhanced efficiency, simplified control, and commendable technical support. Worth every penny!”

Deborah Brenner

Founder, La Delicias Patisserie

“Exceptional support and reliability in our five years with FlexiBake. Prompt assistance, useful features like nutritional analysis and costing. Highly recommend to businesses of any size.”

Joseph Hitzemann

Principal, A&J Bakery

“FlexiBake’s scalability and value are remarkable.
Great customer service. A must for our growing bakery!”

Chris Gumke

Owner, New Cascadia Traditional

“FlexiBake streamlines all our processes, from recipe costing to sales orders. Outstanding customer service and adaptability make it indispensable for my company.”

Karen Collins

Owner, Bisousweet Confections

“FlexiBake manages our bakery seamlessly for nearly 10 years. From production to invoices, it’s indispensable. 24/7 support is essential. Highly recommend for bakery efficiency.”

John Friend

Management, Farm to Market Bread

“FlexiBake revolutionized our operations during implementation. It simplifies tasks, ensures consistency, and saves time. Amazing support team! Highly recommended for efficient production.”

Amy Polito

Logistics Manager, Natural Decadence

“Despite initial worries about FlexiBake’s remote location, exceptional customer service eased concerns. Simplified recipe generation, accurate labeling, and phenomenal support. Exceeded expectations, absolutely recommend!”

Mark Buening

QA Specialist, Servatii Pastry Shop & Deli

“FlexiBake improved daily order collections’ accuracy and efficiency, freeing time for production. Online app flexibility and report variety are fantastic. User-friendly, aids in food costing, and streamlines production.”

Rebecca Ferryman

Ops & Accounting Coordinator, Caffe De Medici Fine Foods LTD

“FlexiBake exceeded our expectations, automating daily/standing orders and consolidating product info and packing lists. For daily orders, it’s one of the best.”


Operations, La Provence

“I recommend FlexiBake to businesses. Simple and user-friendly, perfect for ERP newcomers. Essential tools, ‘shadow orders’ feature, EDI compatibility, and excellent support.”

Jonathan Lara

Director of Client Services, Rockenwagner Bakery

“I recommend FlexiBake for its value and excellent support. It simplifies recipe management, nutritional panels, and streamlines pricing and production scheduling.”

Jacqueline Jacek

Founder/Cocoanista, Jacek Chocolate Couture

“FlexiBake is a game-changer! Despite the learning curve and costs, its tools and analytics pay for themselves. The Customer Online Ordering Portal and DSD app save time and minimize errors, making our 100-year-old bakery cutting-edge.”

Nick Mancini

5th Generation Baker, Mancini’s Bakery

Packages and Pricing that
Fit Any Size Business

Packages and Pricing that
Fit Any Size Business

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