Easily integrate ERP and route Reconciliation

Bakery Software for Route Reconciliation

Seamlessly reconcile routes, create end-of-day reports, track inventory and take payments from one easy-to-use screen with FlexiBake bakery software.

Simplify one of the most complex tasks by implementing a module that creates a seamless business process for your deliveries and routes.

With the Route Reconciliation module, you can confirm delivery quantities for customers, track fresh and stale returns, manage crate balances, enter payment and credit details and record any notes pertaining to deliveries. FlexiBake’s productive reconciliation tool will streamline what used to be a time-consuming process.

Quickly reconcile routes from one screen.

Enter all details pertaining to your day’s deliveries on one screen rather than going through each route delivery slip individually.

Manage guaranteed sales with FlexiBake’s Route Reconciliation module by recording returns and deliveries on one easy to use screen. There is no need to go through each route delivery slip individually as information added in the Route Reconciliation module will automatically update throughout the system.

Accurate inventory, cash balances and receivables.

At the end of the day, you will have a detailed breakdown of your receivables, cash disbursements and any remaining inventory.

Guaranteed sales and route management are tough to control and you can only manage what you track. Using FlexiBake’s Route Reconciliation module, you can track inventory and your receivables after each business day. Ensure your balances are always in check and reduce any errors that may have occurred during the day.

Convenient end of day reports.

The Route Reconciliation module will automatically create consolidated end of day reports.

With the Route Reconciliation module, you will have accurate finalized end of day reports based on cash disbursements, collections, stale and fresh returns, and other information collected about the route. Guaranteed sales made easy.