Direct Store Delivery Bakery Software Module

Easily manage route accounting with our paperless, integrated DSD app

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Streamline your delivery process by editing invoices, creating reports, tracking inventory and taking payments in real-time.

Increase efficiency by implementing an easy-to-use app that allows your delivery drivers to edit invoices anywhere, anytime on their tablet or smartphone. Edit Invoices, collect payments and corresponding information, record expenses as they occur, track inventory, enter returns for guaranteed sales, and finalize end of day reports, all with the click of a button. The direct store delivery module in our bakery software will create an efficient delivery process, saving your team time and money.

Forget entering payment information back at the office.

Save time and increase efficiency by editing invoices, entering returns and collecting payment on location.
With FlexiBake’s Direct Store Delivery app, there is no need to wait until you get to the office to calculate invoices or enter payments. Data in FlexiBake will automatically populate with the input of information from your delivery driver. Drivers will be able to edit and print invoices, collect signatures from your customers, record any necessary returns and most importantly, receive payment.

Keep your receivables balance in check.

Instantly have your receivables balance calculated throughout the day.
With the reconciliation feature in the Direct Store Delivery module, your delivery driver is able to calculate receivables, expenses and payments in real time. Information in the backend FlexiBake software will be automatically populated as your delivery driver tracks each delivery.

Have accurate inventory balances.

Have a detailed breakdown of remaining, allocated and loaded inventory throughout the delivery process.
Having trouble keeping track of that inventory of yours? Not to worry, with the Direct Store Delivery module, your delivery driver is able to track inventory in real time. Track any remaining, allocated, loaded or stale returned inventory for that day of deliveries.

Create end-of day reports, anywhere, anytime.

Finalize your end of day reports, incorporating detailed information as it happens, reducing the opportunity for error.
Reports can be a daunting task yet they can make your business operations a lot easier. In saying that, the FlexiBake Direct Store Delivery module will finalize end of day reports based on the information inputted for that day, allowing the driver to send them to the office from any location. Reports summarize the end of day delivery inventory, invoices for that corresponding day, and any transactions that took place.