Production tools for fast paced, fresh products

Bakery Software for Production Management

With FlexiBake ERP, your bakery can manage a fast-paced production setting with detailed reports and sales integration.

The enter production module in our bakery software is the right solution for bakeries who produce and deliver fresh product.

Often there are a lot of orders coming in each day, meaning FlexiBake’s live production reports are crucial. Instantly create reports with up to the minute changes from your ordering department. Use one system to streamline your production and sales departments to make sure that all of your customers’ requests and requirements are being met.

Run multiple reports per day with up to the minute changes.

Automatically receive reports on work orders, production required, and more to stay on top of your production.

During the day it’s common to have customers call in and change their order details or place an order at the last minute. Instead of having to run these changes down to the production floor, FlexiBake’s reports will automatically reflect the new production numbers. When you have the ability to pull reports multiple times per day, you’ll never miss important information.

Efficiently manage a large number of products and lead times.

Easily determine when products need to be produced to meet lead time and delivery dates.

A fresh daily delivery bakery with many different SKU’s and multiple lead times can be difficult to manage. FlexiBake automatically determines when production needs to be started in order to meet the lead time and delivery date. Use this information to produce several reports including slicing instructions, all products on order, and recipes to produce.

Complicated recipes are easy to manage.

Recipes are organized all in one location making it easy to manage or change. Comparing recipe versions will help you make the perfect product!
It can be tough to track and manage recipes that have a number of ingredients and sub-assemblies. Production is made simple when inventory is linked to recipes and production reports are automated. Create products by linking recipes together and add details such as waste percentages and special baking instructions. When a customer orders a product, know exactly how much of each recipe needs to be produced.

Forecasting tools help you get a head start.

Plan your production with sales forecasting! Look at sales trends on given dates and customers.
Forecast production numbers based on your standing orders, orders for specific dates or date ranges.

Use this information to give your bakers a head start on production. As sales orders come in during the day and production numbers change, FlexiBake will automatically update and provide the production team with the reports they need to stay on track.