Explore four of FlexiBake’s key features designed to revolutionize food manufacturing. From enhanced traceability with Lot Tracking to transparent labeling using the Nutrition feature, FlexiBake ensures compliance effortlessly. With Online Ordering and Direct Store Delivery (DSD), streamline customer engagement and delivery operations for optimized efficiency and productivity. Learn more about each feature below:

1. Lot Tracking

One of FlexiBake’s biggest features, Lot Tracking, is designed to enhance traceability and compliance for food manufacturers. This feature enables users to easily trace ingredients from their source to the finished product by assigning unique lot numbers to each batch of ingredients. With the ability to track lot numbers throughout the production process, including receiving, production, and shipping, FlexiBake ensures accurate record-keeping and facilitates swift recalls if necessary. Additionally, this feature offers comprehensive reporting capabilities, allowing users to generate detailed reports on ingredient usage, lot history, and more, ultimately streamlining operations and ensuring regulatory compliance.

2. Nutrition

FlexiBake’s nutrition feature provides food manufacturers with comprehensive tools to accurately calculate and manage nutritional information for their products. With this feature, users can generate detailed nutrition labels that comply with regulatory standards, including FDA, Health Canada, and EU regulations. FlexiBake’s database includes a vast library of ingredients and their corresponding nutritional data, simplifying the process of inputting and updating ingredient information. 

3. Online Ordering

FlexiBake’s Online Ordering feature revolutionizes the way bakeries and food manufacturers interact with their customers by providing a seamless digital platform for ordering products. This features a personalized online storefront where customers can browse products, place orders conveniently from any device. Integrated directly with FlexiBake, Online Ordering streamlines order processing, eliminating manual data entry and reducing errors. Additionally, it offers customizable options for order scheduling, cut-off times, and promotional discounts, empowering businesses to tailor their online storefronts to meet their specific needs. With FlexiBake’s Online Ordering, bakeries and food manufacturers can effortlessly expand their reach, boost sales, and enhance the overall customer experience.

4. Direct Store Delivery (DSD)

FlexiBake’s DSD feature facilitates efficient and accurate delivery processes for bakeries and food manufacturers. With this feature, businesses can optimize their delivery operations by generating route plans, managing inventory levels, and tracking delivery progress in real-time. Integrated seamlessly with FlexiBake, DSD streamlines order fulfillment and invoicing. Enabling businesses to enhance productivity and reduce administrative overhead. Additionally, it provides flexibility in delivery scheduling and route optimization, allowing businesses to adapt to changing demand patterns and customer preferences. Overall, FlexiBake’s DSD feature empowers businesses to streamline their delivery operations, improve customer service, and maximize efficiency.