While it’s true that FlexiBake is a game-changer for bakeries, the versatility of this ERP solution extends far beyond the world of dough and pastries. In fact, FlexiBake is the secret ingredient for any business with a formula-driven approach.

Formula Management from Start to Finish

FlexiBake empowers businesses to seamlessly manage their formulas, regardless of the industry they belong to. The recipe structure in FlexiBake allows for comprehensive management, starting from the raw materials you purchase to your finished product. The lot tracking module enhances transparency, enabling instant recall information. Businesses can trace every lot code or batch number from the moment materials are received, through the production process, and until the finished product is dispatched.

FlexiBake offers Costing Tools for Precision Margins

Maintaining healthy margins is essential for the sustainability of any business. FlexiBake provides a suite of costing tools that allow businesses to track costs at every stage of the production cycle. From the arrival of raw materials to the shipment of the finished product. Every cost component, including packaging, labor, overhead, and more, can be factored in. This meticulous approach leads to more accurate margin calculations. Armed with comprehensive reporting, businesses gain insights into their best customers and most profitable products. Enabling strategic decision-making to play to their strengths.

Streamlined Sales Management

FlexiBake simplifies the often intricate task of sales management through its Sales Order module. All sales orders are consolidated into one central system, including orders from online portals, standing orders, and quick-entry manual orders. The intuitive interface makes order entry efficient, organized, and accurate for sales teams. With real-time sales data at their fingertips, businesses can make informed decisions to enhance customer satisfaction and boost revenues.


FlexiBake, with its formula management, precise costing tools, and streamlined sales management, proves to be a versatile ERP solution suitable for any business driven by formulas. Whether you’re in the food and beverage industry, manufacturing sector, or any other domain where formulations play a crucial role, FlexiBake is the catalyst for operational efficiency and business success. Embrace the flexibility of FlexiBake and unlock the full potential of your formula-driven enterprise.


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