The Story of Craft Cannery:

Paul Guglielmo founded his small business, based in the Greater Rochester region, called Guglielmo Sauce, a line of 15+ marinara sauces. He started Guglielmo Sauce with 20 cases of Marinara Sauce in 2014 and today, the product is available in over 500 stores. In April 2020, he purchased Permac, today known as Craft Cannery, and increased production by 100 percent in the first year of owning, managing and operating the factory. As soon as we started to scale up, we realized we needed some sort of system. It became way too much to do by hand and FlexiBake had everything we needed.”

They specialize in contract manufacturing for sauces, dressings, marinades and more. Craft Cannery takes their customers recipes and creates delicious and special products, just the way their customers want them. The sauces are then sold on shelves in grocery stores, served in restaurants, sold by local artisans at Farmer’s Markets, and more.

The Perfect Fit:

Craft Cannery saw the need for a software solution early on. After receiving a recommendation for FlexiBake, they quickly realized FlexiBake was not only cost-effective but also closely aligned with their size and requirements. It provided the right balance of functionality and scalability, making it a suitable fit for their business. While Craft Cannery is a multi-million-dollar company, they found that many larger software solutions were designed with the needs of hundred-million-dollar companies in mind, which often meant unnecessary complexity and costs.

Their FlexiBake Journey:

Implementing an ERP system can be intimidating, and for Craft Cannery this was a primary concern. However, they were comforted by FlexiBake’s implementation approach – FlexiBake provided a dedicated expert that tailored the pace to Craft Cannery’s needs, ensuring they could move as fast or as slow as necessary. The training was broken down section by section, making it approachable and manageable. “Our trainer was not only knowledgeable but also incredibly patient and kind. This experience was consistent with every interaction I’ve had with FlexiBake.”

After getting the system up and running, Craft Cannery was able to recognize quickly that by using schedule production it could transform their operations. It enabled them to plan orders in advance and run reports that detail their raw material needs, saving them hours of work with a single click. Additionally, FlexiBake streamlines tracking and auditing processes, crucial for recall drills and compliance.

Craft Cannery specifically highlighted FlexiBake’s ability to provide in-depth cost details as being invaluable. “In fact, I recall several instances before we adopted FlexiBake when I did a less accurate job of quoting clients. I used pen and paper to calculate costs, and inevitably, I missed some important factors. Resulting in situations where we didn’t make as much profit as expected.” It enables them to determine product margins, make accurate quotes, and ensure their profitability. This has significantly improved the health of their business by providing clarity and precision in their cost analysis and quoting processes.

The Results:

FlexiBake has significantly contributed to Craft Cannery becoming more profitable and healthier in multiple ways. Firstly, it has provided them with real-time access to raw material costs, enabling them to ensure that their pricing strategy maintains the margins needed for growth and sustainability. FlexiBake’s enhanced cost control has been instrumental in their financial success.

Moreover, from a food safety perspective, FlexiBake’s tracking capabilities have been key. The system allows them to trace every raw material and finished product using lot codes. With a simple button press, they can retrieve crucial information. This feature has improved their food safety standards and compliance, providing them with greater confidence and efficiency in managing their products.

Overall, FlexiBake has made them a better, more efficient, and safer company, with positive impacts on both their financial health and their commitment to food safety.

When asked what advice they would offer to other bakery owners considering FlexiBake ERP to enhance their bakery operations, they said “If your primary concern is the onboarding process and the potential challenges that come with it, let me put your mind at ease. FlexiBake truly holds your hand throughout the entire journey. They won’t let you take a leap off that cliff without ensuring you’re landing on a soft mattress. If that’s what you’re nervous about, throw caution to the wind. You’re fine. They got you.”