QuickBooks is renowned worldwide as a leading accounting software system. Recognizing its widespread use and efficiency, FlexiBake has integrated its ERP solution with QuickBooks. Offering users a seamless experience in managing their bakery’s finances.

Integration Made Easy

FlexiBake’s QuickBooks integration simplifies the process of exporting vital Accounts Receivable information. The integration allows for the setup of accurate General Ledger Codes to export these financial transactions seamlessly to QuickBooks. Customizable GL Codes can be configured per product or product category. Providing flexibility and adaptability to suit your specific setup requirements. This integration also enables the export of received purchase orders as bills payable, streamlining inventory management and payment processes.

Efficient Accounts Receivable Management

FlexiBake’s accounts receivable tools empower bakery businesses to efficiently manage sales orders, invoicing, and distribution. The platform enables seamless handling of payments, returns, and credits, facilitating accurate reporting of Cost of Goods Sold, sales analysis, and informed business decisions. By exporting this crucial data to QuickBooks, users gain access to essential financial reporting, including Profit and Loss statements and other vital insights.

Benefits of QuickBooks Integration

FlexiBake’s decision to integrate with QuickBooks stems from its recognition of it’s popularity and effectiveness within the wholesale baking industry. QuickBooks is renowned for its affordability, user-friendly interface, and quick setup process. Making it an excellent choice for bakery accounting needs. Additionally, its powerful capabilities extend beyond accounting, with compatibility and integration options available for other software systems such as Point of Sale and Manufacturing Resource Planning solutions. Here at FlexiBake, we understand that QuickBooks may not be the only accounting system available, which is why we also offer integration with other popular accounting solutions like Sage, Microsoft GP, Xero, and more.

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