Choosing the right bakery software is important. Researching enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for bakeries is a huge, daunting project. We’ve worked with many companies throughout the years during their research, implementation, and growth stages. Over the years, we’ve picked up a few important things about researching bakery software.

Here are 10 questions to ask when researching bakery ERP software:

1. What features must the bakery ERP software have?

These should be the “Must-Have” features and services, the very reason you’ve started looking for software. This step is very important to get ironed out before beginning any research, this will allow you to quickly and easily qualify providers.

2. What features would I like in a bakery ERP software?

These should be the “Nice-to-Have” features and services that can be used to differentiate and choose between final choices.

3. What are the software provider’s support hours?

Ensuring that the company you choose can properly support your company is extremely important, this can make life much easier after the initial implementation. For reference, FlexiBake offers emergency support 24/7/365 and our support team is available 6AM – 6PM PST.

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4. What type of support does the ERP software provider offer?

Does the provider you choose demand only email support or will you have a variety of ways to get help after starting with their software? FlexiBake provides support via email, chat, phone, as well as offering a support portal with FAQs, knowledge articles, and community forum.

5. What is the ERP software company’s customer satisfaction rating?

Are their customers satisfied? It’s important to get an up-to-date customer satisfaction rating rather than just receiving their best score. You can call FlexiBake anytime to find out our most current customer satisfaction rating, at the time of this article our 90 day average is 98% satisfied.

6. Does the provider have a plan to get my company implemented?

This is incredible important, the most expensive ERP is the one you never use. Some companies offer a couple of hours of training but after 15 years of working in the ERP industry, we know what is going to get you up and running with a software system. Most online demonstrations will take 40 minutes while barely covering any of the functionality. Read about FlexiBake implementation options, including our 60 Day Guaranteed Implementation and On-site implementation options.

7. What is their implementation success rate?

Again, the most expensive ERP is the one you never use, so make sure your provider will be able to help you implement! FlexiBake bakery software offers a Guaranteed Implementation for that reason, if you can’t implement the software using our project plan, milestones, and training assistance we’ll give you your money back.

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8. How secure is my data with the provider?

Many providers don’t offer a Cloud option, which is scary. Essentially, you are expected to back up and secure your own networks. This is fine for companies who have large IT teams and infrastructure but for those who don’t, a Cloud option is essential. Make sure you find out who the provider is using for hosting the Cloud, if it’s on their own servers make sure those servers are both digitally and physically secure – that’s all your company’s data! Contact us today to learn more about our state of the art hosting company:

9. Is the provider going to be around for the long term?

How long has the company been in business? Starting with an ERP provider only to have them go out of business in a year is expensive and demoralizing. Ask them questions about their history as well as their plans for the future, it’s your future too! Here’s a link to FlexiBake’s story so far:

10. Does the software provider continue to enhance the product?

It’s important to know that the company you choose will allow you to grow within the software but will also keep up with technology changes on their side. Here’s a link to FlexiBake’s newest tool, the Direct Store Delivery module.