FlexiBake released our Online Ordering Portal 3 year ago and the response we’ve seen is amazing! Our customer’s love the freedom it gives them and their customer’s love the independence they’ve received through the ability to order online.

Your customer’s want access to their invoices and account information

A common request is copies of invoices and payment receipts. These requests take up your sales team’s time and are frustrating for the customer who wants the information instantly. With FlexiBake’s online ordering portal your customers have the ability to log in from their phone, tablet or internet browser to see their invoices, account balance and payment history without ever needing to call in.

Your customers get freedom to order anytime when they order online

In many bakeries order takers get to the office between 7-9am, while their customer’s may have already been in and waiting to place orders since 4-6am. If your customers could log in and place their orders when it convenient for them, you would see an increase in sales. FlexiBake has the ability to set up cut-off times which means that customer’s will still need to place orders after a certain date and before a certain day/ time, but they have the freedom to do so before or after your office opens.

Customers can place orders quickly

Some people really like the chit chat when calling in an order but many prefer the process to be quick and easy. If the order taking team is very busy, your customers may be sitting on hold or leaving voicemails they aren’t sure are received or understood. To be able to log in and place their order online means they know the right order is being placed and they don’t need to worry about waiting for someone to be available. Once they’re received the automatic email confirmation their order has been placed, they’re free to carry on their day

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