FlexiBake integrates with most commercial accounting packages and we are constantly adding and updating more integrations. Over the years we have had many people ask why we don’t write our own accounting system, but we don’t believe it would be fair to our customers. If we offered an in-house accounting system, all our customers around the world would be forced to use a system with Canadian Accounting standards or we would have to maintain over 26 different countries standards.

When it comes down to it, most people don’t want to use the accounting system that is built into their ERP and here are the main reasons why:

The team knows their accounting system

Bookkeeper(s) / Accounts teams are used to using systems that are already in place. Switching and implementing a new ERP system is a big enough job without trying to change the accounting system at the same time.

Hiring is more difficult

Usually companies who implement the right ERP will begin to experience growth quite quickly with more analysis and organized business procedures. Growth always leads to new hires and hiring an accountant who knows a specific ERP accounting system is unlikely; whereas finding someone who understands QuickBooksSageXeroMYOB or other commercial accounting systems makes the search a lot easier.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

Accounting practices around the world are constantly changing and updating with government requirements or technological advancements. Maintaining an ERP focused on the food industry is FlexiBake’s job, and that’s what we focus on. We let the accounting professionals focus on offering the best tool for accounting practices around the world – it just makes sense.

Funnel everything into one place

For any users who want a POS system, an outside time tracking system, a different payroll system, and an ERP system to integrate easily – a commercial accounting system is the most common and practical middle ground. All the other software systems funnel data into it, which will give those users access to the most common accounting reports, with all their data included automatically.

Check out FlexiBake’s accounting integration today: https://flexibake.com/modules/accounting/