Flexibake‘s on-site implementations are the best option for a business that’s looking to successfully implement a new ERP and get a quick return on investment. If you haven’t looked into on-site training for your new ERP system, here are the top 5 reasons we suggest purchasing an on-site implementation.

You’ve never implemented an ERP system before

Most people have never implemented an ERP system before and those who have, understand that each system operates differently. Even the most flexible systems won’t have every feature possible because then it would make them seem clunky and complicated. That means that in order to make a system work for your business, you need to adapt. The best way to do that is with an expert by your side who knows the software and how it’s going to work for you.

You’re not working with a consultant

If you are not working with a consultant, then an on-site bakery software implementation is a must. Sometimes you can find a consultant who has worked with the software you’ve chosen and in a similar setup as yours. This will never be as strong as on-site implementations, which they would probably advise you to take advantage of, but at least you will have some guidance. Without the outside perspective, knowledge, and experience of a consultant, on-site implementation programs will vastly improve the time it takes to GoLive and the quality of an implementation.

You have 6 or more users who need to use the system

It’s simple enough to have 1 or 2 people sitting at a computer watching a training course; even 4 people could benefit if the training was projected on a large screen, but ensuing that 6 or more people are paying attention, learning and understanding an online training course is unlikely. On-site bakery software implementations offer group training with interactive actives and one-on-one time for the more difficult and complicated tasks. Trainers can see their pupils, which allows them to read body language and gauge best learning practices. This means your staff will be able to use FlexiBake faster, and more effectively.

Your teams technical skills are intermediate or less

Unless you have an IT team available, or are extremely comfortable with computers, it’s easiest to have a trainer on-site as they will be able to help configure databases, privacy settings, printing options, correct report settings, and other preferences. Anyone can complete these types of tasks, but for someone who does it as a career, it will be much faster and easier than someone who is learning it for the first time.

You have 100 or more different SKUs

Setting up larger databases (100+ SKUs) can take quite a bit of time, even after data imports. FlexiBake’s on-site implementation programs include shortcuts that help with bulk updates. It also means that you have a trainer at your disposal for 5-10 days with their undivided attention on your staff, aiding with learning new skills and setting up database information.

To put it simply, on-site implementation programs are going to ensure higher quality training and a much faster implementation. Also, it will hold you more accountable to your goals because no one wants to have their homework incomplete with the trainer arrives!

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