A new year, with new possibilities! FlexiBake provides you with an abundance of tools to help analyze your bakery before and in the beginning of 2021. Having the tools to help prepare you before the clock strikes midnight means you get to look forward to a fresh start in the morning. It can be overwhelming to think about analyzing all aspects of your business, that’s why FlexiBake is here to help you out!

Year End Report to Analyze Your Bakery

FlexiBake has plenty of components that help analyze your bakery. A new year means analyzing the last year properly, to do that you need to gather up data for your year end reports. FlexiBake has an entire Analysis Center dedicated to reports that help you analyze your bakery trends, look back at important sales data, compare production yields, etc. These reports allow you to look at your month-to-month numbers, with numerous comparisons and you can even filter by categories, or customer if needed!

Forecasting for the Upcoming Year

Now that you’ve gotten everything out of 2020 that you can, it is time to look forward to 2021. FlexiBake is equipped with tons of wonderful forecasting tools that can help you understand what you’ll need to prepare for in the upcoming months. Being as busy as you are, we understand every bit of help counts. FlexiBake’s forecasting functionality is super user friendly and efficient, to help analyze your bakery trends on the fly. Create a sales forecast, forecast purchasing and production expectations for upcoming busy periods, or create budgets using profit and loss reports.

Share the Information

Getting to look back on where you started or how you’ve progressed can be rewarding. After getting thrown a pandemic sized curveball, it’s especially comforting to see that you still made it work this year. FlexiBake stores your data throughout the years to help analyze your bakery trends, to see how you’ve grown, and to set exciting new goals each year. Reports can also be emailed or exported to help share updates with shareholders and other management team members.

It’s been a tough year with a lot of ups and downs, it’s good to be able to sit down and take a few minutes to analyze your bakery. There is no telling what the future will bring. It is better to embrace all of the tools that can help you prepare for whatever is next, whether that’s the next season, the next holiday, or a new year. FlexiBake is there to ensure you have the tools you need to be prepared. Contact us today to find out more