At a time where everything is going digital – why not automate your bakery business? It only makes sense that the bakery business keeps moving forward with the rest of the world. Although, there are plenty of other reasons to automate your bakery, besides just keeping up with the times.

Help Reduce Overall Bakery Costs

Going online and letting the software do the thinking for you can dramatically cut down on costs. When you choose to automate your bakery, you are choosing to take a step towards a more efficient use of your time. Not only does it cut down on extra employees since it does a lot of the thinking, planning, and tracking for you but it also means you are spending more time focused on putting plans into action.

Automate Ordering with our Online Ordering Portal

Taking orders and communicating constantly with customers is a huge part of any bakery – it’s how you stay in business. What if we told you that you could let your customers place their own orders, which went directly into your production plan? The good news is you can! With FlexiBake, you can set up an Online Ordering Portal that will allow your customers to set up and edit their orders themselves, and once placed will go straight into your production numbers for the day. You can really automate your bakery by setting up lead times, automatic cut off times, and more!

More efficient deliveries with DSD

The benefits that come from choosing FlexiBake exceed just efficiency on the production floor. If you choose to automate your bakery, you are opening doors to external tools as well. FlexiBake has its’ very own app for your drivers! What this means is they’ll have instant access to the customers’ details, orders, and invoices, right from their smart phone or a tablet. Additionally, customer signature, shorts or returns, and any other relevant information updates the invoice in into FlexiBake. This means you won’t have to spend time tracking down all of the invoices, returns and data from your drivers at the end of the day.

Eliminate Human Error

Now that you’ve read some of the amazing benefits in choosing to automate your bakery, let’s look at the big picture. What does automated production plans, automated costing data, reports and more have in common? They leave out human error! Not only does an automated system give you the data you need faster – it also gives you the correct information.

Have all of Your Bakeries Essential Needs and Information in One System

Overall, we can only think of wins when it comes time to automate your bakery. Give us a call to book a demo and see for yourself!