The internet is here to stay, but many bakeries haven’t taken advantage of it yet! An Online Ordering Portal can help you earn more revenue, attract new customers, and increase customer satisfaction. The benefits are numerous, it provides convenience and flexibility to your business, allowing you to grow your reach while keeping costs low. It also provides an additional revenue stream and can help improve your bottom line by offsetting other expenses.

Build better relationships with your customers

When you think about it, it makes perfect sense to have your orders placed through the Online Ordering Portal. It’s not just better for your customers, but it is beneficial for your business too! Online ordering is a win-win for both parties involved and for the overall industry. The Online Ordering Portal is the perfect tool to build better relationships with your customers, allowing them to log in and place orders simply via an order template with custom pricing, and order history to speed things up. 

Place and recieve orders with ease

Orders flow between the OOP and FlexiBake seamlessly. This allows for up to date production numbers and reports, resulting in a more pleasant buying experience for your customers, as well as piece of mind for your staff. Our intuitive ordering system is specifically designed for the precise needs of wholesale bakeries. Giving them the ability to create orders quickly and with ease on their own timeframe. Increase order frequency and value by making the ordering process simple and enjoyable for your customers.

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