Having a Business Intelligence (BI) system is extremely important in order to properly read between the lines of your company’s daily processes. BI systems will normally offer many tools, queries, reports and filters for anyone, regardless their computer skills and information requirements.

We’ve come up with a list of our 3 favourite BI tools that every business owner should know about and implement in their bakery production facility.

What If Predictive Tool

A true what-if tool should be predictive, it should give you the information you are looking for quickly and with the least amount of effort. Managers should be able to forecast bakery product margin changes easily based on raw material price changes and labour cost changes at either a product or recipe level. This BI tool is used in so many different areas of a facility that it should be intuitive enough that an entry level manager can easily use it.

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Smart Select

Intuitive BI is a true measure of a systems strength. A system needs to be able to quickly assist order takers in selecting the right products for customers and include information about current stock and lead times to allow entry level order takers the ability to make informed decisions that benefit the company.

Actual Vs. Expected Production

Every day production takes place, and every day production yields vary from the scheduled amount. This could happen based on multiple reasons such as a the last bag of flour is dropped and unusable, a divider needs maintenance, a number of bakers fall ill, etc. A food production based BI system should be able to analyze production yields for any given amount of time and discover major variance that could point to maintenance, training, or scheduling issues.

These are our 3 favorite BI tools, let us know if you have any questions about how FlexiBake offers these features!