How long does the average recall take? In FlexiBake it takes approximately 15 seconds. Although it can range between hours, days or weeks depending on how sophisticated the bakery trying to conduct the recall is and how sophisticated their systems in place are. The problem is there are heavy fines involved for not being able to take immediate action, but more importantly, people’s lives can be at risk.

Here is how you can conduct a 15 second recall in FlexiBake, assuming you use the system on a daily basis:

1. Navigate to our inventory home screen
2. Click on “Product Tracking”
3. Click on “Product Recalls”
4. Ether enter the Supplier Lot #, Receiving Slip #, or Date Received.
5. Press Enter… and that’s about it.

FlexiBake’s traceability and recall system is so effective, we’ve had our customer’s suppliers using FlexiBake data to help them with their own recalls.

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