In a competitive market when food manufactures are looking for ways to be more profitable, businesses are turning to the concept of using an ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning – software system.

What is an ERP Software System and why does it matter?

An Enterprise Resource Planning – or ERP – software is a type of business software that manages the complex processes involved in running your business. For example, ERP software creates processes that easily manage day-to-day operations with sales, inventory and production planning. ERP software is the ideal model for organizing business systems, as data is accurate and shared amongst employees in your business. ERP software, such as FlexiBake, ensures that business owners have greater control over their business processes, therefore saving businesses time and money.

So, ERP vs Excel? Excel is the most popular and preferred program to start with in the business market. It is great to gather, organize and sort data but lacks the capacity to integrate department and analyze trends. Companies find it’s time to switch from Excel to an ERP when they need analytics to help make business decisions, especially before major growth.

Human Error – ERP vs Excel

Excel is extremely manual and if the “Excel Hero” isn’t around when someone breaks a function – business will grind to a halt. With the automation ERP software systems provide, functions are a thing of the past and intuitive user interfaces let you breath easy. Excel relies on manual entry, ERP can eliminate the duplication of tasks through automation and integration. By not having an ERP system in place, you may have data collected from different sources in various locations; thus, making it difficult to locate information when you need it the most.

Data Analytics – ERP vs Excel

With an ERP software system you no longer have to manually input data, a task Excel requires. By having data collected for you, you are able to analyze customer behavior and customer trends to see what is most effective for your business. Excel requires a lot data manipulation where an ERP system like FlexiBake comes pre-populated with hundreds of reports and analytical tools.

Real-time analysis – ERP vs Excel

ERP software has many benefits, one of them being analyzing customer behavior and data. Changes that are made in the ERP software system are updated live and those who need to, can see what changes have been made. Excel report needs to be updated, reformatted, saved, and emailed before any information can be shared.

Data Flow – ERP vs Excel

Managing your information flow is very important, as it results in a business running more efficiently and creating less waste – waste of time and products. Using an ERP software system, you are able to sustain market demands with real-time information. If a products sales are down significantly, with an ERP software this information will be shown in a visual chart the minute the trend begins, while Excel will still be waiting to the data entered.

Stress – ERP vs Excel

Enough said with this one, no one enjoys being stressed. After the switch from Excel to ERP you can say goodbye to those stressful days of constant data collection.

Winner is… ERP! We are confident that an ERP software system is the best solution for your business to grow. By implementing an ERP software, you will be able to see more about your business in detail and big picture. Companies with powerful analytics are companies that grow.

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