Between year end business reports, festive functions and what seems like endless shopping trips, the holiday season always seems to be hectic. However, the holidays are also a time to think about past accomplishments and what we hope to achieve the following year.

2018 at FlexiBake was a year that brought many exciting changes to help you improve your business. Here is our 2018 year end summary with just a few examples of how we, at FlexiBake, are always thinking of you!

FlexiBake Support Portal

You now have access to a wide range of tools that will help you make the most out of FlexiBake. Through our support portal you will find helpful articles with short videos and the ability to connect with the support department to keep track of tickets.

The articles and videos include tutorials for daily usage, setup, training classes & implementation, guides for using the online ordering portal and direct store delivery apps, as well as a new troubleshooting tips and tricks section.

Improvements to FlexiBake Direct Store Delivery (DSD) App

FlexiBake has made deliveries simple with our DSD App. Our easy-to-use app allows drivers to manage their routes from their smart phone or tablet. But that’s not all, drivers can perform a variety of functions such as:

  • Editing invoices on the road
  • Entering returns and credit notes
  • Using inventory to upsell and manage DSD
  • Collecting payments
  • Receiving signatures on invoices
  • Recording expenses
  • Finalizing end of day reports

During 2018 we added functionality so that the FlexiBake DSD App now allows you to assign multiple routes to just one driver. Now you can reap to the benefits of ensuring that your deliveries will run smooth and efficiently. Click here to learn more about our DSD App and why it’s a must-have for your business.

Changes to Shadow Orders

Shadow orders are order templates, available in FlexiBake to eliminate the need to find and select products on a sales order when a customer calls in. Simply generate their order from the shadow order and enter the quantity that they need of each item. Shadow orders are also used to populate which products customers can order through the online ordering portal.

This past year, FlexiBake made bulk updates available in Shadow Orders including substituting a product or adding/removing a product from all orders. Customizing orders has never been this easy.

FlexiBake Completes Integration with Accounting Software Xero

At FlexiBake we know accounting software can vary in the baking industry. That’s why we have successfully made efforts to integrate the most popular accounting software like QuickBooks, Sage, Microsoft GP and many more. In 2018 we were happy to have Xero fully integrated with FlexiBake and it works instantly with just a click of a button!

Just another example of how FlexiBake is committed to helping you run your business as flawlessly as possible. Now our customers can have two powerful tools working together at their fingertips.

We are proud of these improvements and hope that you will find them helpful. If you have any questions, contact us today by calling 604.637.6528 or email us at Best wishes for the holiday season and stay tuned for more exciting changes in 2019!