QuickBooks accounting software is one of the most popular accounting software systems around the world, especially in the commercial baking industry. It’s simple to use, easy to set up, and is up to date on country specific rules and guidelines. That’s why FlexiBake has set up such a quick and easy integration with QuickBooks!

FlexiBake integrates with QuickBooks

FlexiBake’s QuickBooks integration includes exporting Accounts Receivable information such as invoices, payments, and credits. It also has the ability to setup the correct GL Codes to export those invoices, payments, credits and sales discounts to. Customers can configure GL Codes per product or product category, giving you the freedom to get the most out of QB. FlexiBake also exports your received purchase orders to QuickBooks as a bill payable, that way receiving and inventory can be managed in your ERP but bills can be paid through QB.

Manage A/R through FlexiBake

FlexiBake’s strong accounts receivable tools allow you to manage sales orders, invoicing and distribution including payments, returns, and credits. This is important information which can then be compiled for accurate COGs reporting, sales analysis, and business decisions. The data can be exported to QuickBooks so that Profit and Loss statements (P&L) and other important reporting is available.

Why we love QuickBooks

As we said earlier, we integrate with QuickBooks because we see that it is very popular in the wholesale baking industry. QB is a great accounting system; it’s affordable, easy to use and easy to get started with, plus it is also very powerful. A lot of other software systems, such as POS and MRM options, also integrate with it, that way you are free to use all the right tools for your business. We know that QB isn’t the only accounting system available, which is why we also integrate with Sage, Microsoft GP, Xero and other accounting solutions.

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