It is a crazy time for everybody right now and we can only imagine how tough it is work from home as a bakery. This pandemic has brought a lot of uncertainty, closures, quick adapting and creative problem solving. Everybody needs a helping hand right now, and we’d love to share our knowledge to help you adapt to working from home as a bakery. FlexiBake is an amazing tool for our customers because we were built to be accessible on the fly. In tricky times like these, there are options to help you work from home as a bakery.

Work from Home as a Bakery on the Cloud

The most obvious problem when trying to work from home as a bakery, is that typically your facility isn’t at home. FlexiBake was designed to be convenient and adaptable so that anytime you need to work away from the facility – pandemic or otherwise – you can carry on business as usual. That is why we recommend our Cloud subscription; this way you can access orders, production reports, and distribution information anywhere.

Another great benefit of being on the Cloud is that you can access FlexiBake from different facilities, while staying on the same database. This allows you to manage your facilities in 1 place. You can set up different users, permissions, etc.

Skip Taking Orders

If there is a way to save time, make ordering easier for your customers, and focus on keeping everyone safe and efficient – now is the time to implement it! FlexiBake’s online ordering portal is an awesome tool, if you’ve seen orders double since the crisis began, it may be tough to keep up with order management and production. If it’s the opposite for your business and you’ve seen a significant drop in sales, you may have had to make the tough decision to layoff some members of your team, in which case you may be the one answering the phone when customers do call to place orders. FlexiBake’s online ordering portal allows your customers to log into their own accounts and place or edit their orders, so they have the freedom to order when they have time and you can focus on everything else.

Access Data on the Fly

So now we know all the wonderful reasons as to why using our Cloud is beneficial for you to work from home as a bakery. Next, let’s talk about the endless information that would be accessible at your fingertips. If you oversee a business, you may not always be on the floor baking, you’ll be behind the scenes making a lot of the important decisions. Having a FlexiBake Cloud subscription allows you access to tons of reports and analysis tools online with the convenience of live data.

One of our favorite reports is the Detailed Costing Report. FlexiBake allows you to track the cost of your Inventory, Labour, Overhead and more, at EACH step of your production, with the ability to create multiple versions and compare them side by side. FlexiBake also handles your Purchasing so you can update your raw material costs as they fluctuate through the seasons/years. This is just one example of our many awesome reports.

Not only does FlexiBake allow you to plug in all sorts of data and small details, over time it looks at the data being collected and makes forecasts for you. These forecasts can be analyzed for production purposes, sales trends, and even employee productivity! You can pull all this data, right from home and keep on track – even in a time of crisis.

Access to our Support Portal

There is nothing worse than being stuck with a question and not being able to access help, especially during such a frantic time. Thankfully FlexiBake’s Support system is rock solid. We have an amazing Support Portal with over 400 articles to answer your questions about functionality, how to set something up, where to find certain features, etc. Just head to

Another great support system is the FlexiBake Customer Care Team! We understand how important it is to have help when you’re trying to work from home as a bakery. You can email, call, or even enter our chat room – whichever is most convenient and comfortable for you. A bonus: if you are a Cloud customer, we can shadow your database, with your permission, in seconds to provide even faster support. You won’t have to try and explain the problem, just show us and we can walk you through it.

Here at FlexiBake we understand it is hard for everybody right now. We have always had our customer’s best interest at heart – and during this moment in time, we’re here for all of you!

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