Even when best practices and high quality standards are in place, errors can occur. It is the impact of these errors that needs to be mitigated. By using FlexiBake, food manufacturers can know exactly where every lot of every ingredient came from. This feature gives you accurate lot traceability and the ability to do instant recalls if needed.

Product Traceability and Why You Need It

If your company needs to go through an auditing process or a real-life recall, it is crucial to be able to pinpoint the product lots that are affected and track them. Being able to properly do this means the scope and cost of any disposal or recall can be minimized, and dealt with quickly. This protects both the consumer and the company. FlexiBake gives you the critical real-time data for your raw materials and products that you need to have successful traceability. 

Lot traceability ensures that your production processes remain compliant to industry safety standards so you avoid expensive regulatory and legal complications.

Perform your Audits & Recalls in under 30 Seconds

When utilizing the purchasing, receiving, production and shipping modules within FlexiBake you have accurate and quick lot tracking abilities. This starts from the moment you receive your raw materials, allowing you to use FIFO during production, and finishing off through the distribution to your customers. At any moment in time, you can perform a recall in FlexiBake in under 30 seconds! By entering in the lot number of the raw material, you will be able to see exactly where it moved in the system.

To learn more about FlexiBake’s lot tracking capabilities, book a demo today! https://www.flexibake.com/contact-sales/