Bakery Software Modules

FlexiBake is a modular, multi-user baking software system allowing for low cost entry and future expansion as bakery business requirements change and budgets permit. FlexiBake bakery management software makes it possible for every bakery to have a level of control that until now was only enjoyed by large bakeries.

Bakery software modules for improved operations

Our bakery software modules allow you to easily manage everything in your bakery from costing and purchasing to production and labelling. These bakery software modules are included in both cloud and on-premise systems and are offered in bundles geared towards specific bakery operations.

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Product Costing

  • Calculate bakery costs including ingredient, labour and overhead costs
  • Accurate detailed product costs to achieve desired margins
  • React quickly to changing costs to stay profitable
  • Accurate live costing eliminates manual calculations
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  • No more expensive lab costs for nutritional analysis
  • Government nutrient databases at your fingertips
  • Compliant nutrition fact table templates
  • Compare nutrient details side-by-side for R&D
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Product Labels

  • Bakery label templates save time and eliminate dual entry
  • Simplify labeling with a drag and drop interface
  • Instant updates with an integrated label designer
  • Sell more baked goods with product catalogs and sales sheets
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Sales Entry

  • Use historical data to improve order entry
  • Instantly create hundreds of standing orders
  • Forecast sales numbers on past deliveries
  • Eliminate dual entry with order import features
  • Save time with automated invoicing
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  • Real-time ingredient and packaging requirements allow efficient purchase planning
  • Easily tracks landed costs with a detailed receiving process
  • Automatically generate purchase orders based on production, minimum stock and orders
  • Record supplier lot numbers while receiving raw material inventory
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Fresh Production

  • Run multiple reports per day with up to the minute changes
  • Efficiently manage a large number of products and lead times
  • Complicated recipes are easy to manage
  • Forecasting tools help you get a head start
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Production For Long Shelf Life

  • Schedule production with an intuitive drag and drop calendar
  • Manage government regulations, HACCP, FSMA, BRC etc.
  • Create reports effortlessly including bill of materials and work orders
  • Consume raw materials while adding products for instant lot tracking
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Route Management

  • Manage last minute route and driver changes
  • Instantly create delivery and driver reports
  • Plan routes efficiently using Google Maps™
  • Easily load trucks in delivery sequence
  • Manage fresh and stale returns to eliminate waste
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  • Integrate with familiar accounting programs to eliminate the learning curve
  • Receive payments quickly with simple credit card processing
  • Instantly send invoices, credits and statements via email
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Business Intelligence

  • Receive instant answers to your questions
  • Use key metrics with analysis tools for informed decision making
  • Know your customers by gaining insight into buying patterns
  • Identify opportunities by analyzing trends
  • Budget with sales and cost forecasts based on historical data
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Online Ordering

  • Allow customers to place and update wholesale orders
  • Use cut off times, confirmation emails, and customer access permissions
  • Give customers access to their invoices and product information such as nutrition and ingredient lists
  • Easy to use, secure online login available anywhere
  • Seamless interaction with FlexiBake's order screen
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Lot Tracking & Recalls

  • Assist production staff with lot coded tags for ingredients
  • Work orders track each step in the baking process
  • Save time with FIFO (first in, first out) ingredient consumption
  • Recalls and traceability in seconds with a complete audit trail
  • Search inventory to avoid further contamination
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Warehouse Management

  • Real-time inventory levels at remote warehouses
  • Tools to track and manage inventory transfers
  • Use detailed report filters to find inventory information quickly
  • Fulfill orders from remote warehouses to improve turnaround
  • Manage and store excess inventory at multiple locations
  • Instant lot tracking and recall across all locations
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Storage & Freezer Management

  • Easy to use, visual inventory management
  • Quickly assemble shipments with automated picklists
  • Barcoded pallet tags eliminate shipping errors
  • Manage inventory by package, case or pallet
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Direct Store Delivery

  • Simplify the process of editing customer’s invoices by updating them in real time
  • Save your delivery drivers time with efficient reconciliation reports
  • Track your truck inventory balance throughout the day
  • Finalize your end of day reports– anywhere, anytime
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Route Reconciliation

  • Seamlessly edit invoices, create reports, track inventory and take payments
  • An end of day report of collections and inventory, including variances
  • Enter all guaranteed sales information on one screen including returns, credits and payments
  • Easily track route float, crate balances and cash disbursements
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What is a bakery software module?

We’re so glad you asked! A ‘module’ is a single and specialized software application. This application can be used to construct a more complex system when combined with other modules. For FlexiBake, bakery software modules are bundled together into the four plans we offer: Standard, Professional, Corporate, and Enterprise. Each bakery software module can be used independently; however, they aren’t intended to be used in a singular fashion. You can think of bakery software modules like the apps on your mobile phone. The camera app works great at taking pictures but, without the albums app, you wouldn’t be able to view and organize your photos.

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Check out our pre-configured bundles of modules specifically tailored toward fresh, frozen or hybrid food manufacturers and wholesale bakeries.

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